Black Hammer

"I cannot permit you to exist."


Black Hammer is a Legendary Sniper Rifle, one of 9 Raid weapons dropped from Crota's End in DLC #1 (The Dark Below). It fits into the highest-Impact tier for Sniper Rifles. While Black Hammer has poor Stability (35), it's mitigated by the talent Perfect Balance.

Black Hammer is notable for the exceptional talent White Nail: "Rapidly landing three precison shots will refill the magazine." This makes Black Hammer an incredible weapon to use in PVE against bosses. (e.g., Sekrion)

Note #1: Currently, the Hive Disruptor talent is broken on Black Hammer. The bonus damage causes the White Nail talent to fail. In the January 12th Hotfix, Bungie disabled the talent on Black Hammer until it's properly fixed.

Note #2: When the magazine is refilled from White Nail, no ammo is lost.

Raid Weapons - Crota's End




Where to get Black Hammer

Crota's End

This item can drop during the Crota's End Raid.