Crest of Alpha Lupi

You've heard every last tale of the wolf by now. None of them are true. You are the wolf.


This is the Hunter version of Crest of Alpha Lupi. See the Titan version!

Excerpt from "'Should I Buy It?' – MIDA Multi-Tool & Other Exotics"

Crest of Alpha Lupi is one of two Hunter Chests, the other being Lucky Raspberry. Its main talent, Keeper of the Pack, is considered one of the best: Revive teammates faster. Be revived faster. Generate more Orbs with your Super. Overall, an excellent Exotic for PVE (Nightfalls!); also very useful for PVP in Skirmish, Salvage, and Doubles.

The Special Weapon Ammo is great for PVP, given the ammo scarcity after recent nerfs.

If you play much PVE, CoAL will quickly pay dividends in Nightfalls. Combine this with the Bladedancer's Stalker and Shadowjack talents, and you'll be a stealthy revival machine.

Where to get Crest of Alpha Lupi


This item can drop from Nightfall activities.

Prison of Elders

This item can drop as a Prison of Elders reward.


This item can drop in situationally dependent ways.

Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Xûr, Agent of the Nine, sometimes sells this item in the Tower.