Exotic Shard

A remnant that almost seems to have a life of its own. Can be used to unlock the full power of Exotic gear.

Exotic Shards are a very valuable Exotic crafting material. They're required to Infuse an Exotic, as well as purchase the Exotic-reforging item Glass Needles. There is currently only one method of acquiring an Exotic Shard:

  • Dismantling an Exotic, granting 1 Exotic Shard (sometimes 2 if well-upgraded)
  • [Removed] Buying it for 7 Strange Coins from Xûr

Exotic Shards used to be required for the final Upgrade Damage/Defense node on weapons & armor.


  • Roughly one week prior to DLC #1 (The Dark Below) in Winter 2014, Bungie changed the upgrade system to include Exotic Shards. The problem was that once the DLC was released, Exotic upgrades sold by Xur would remove all XP/upgrades on a weapon. This meant that Exotic Shards spent pre-DLC were, in essence, wasted.

Where to get Exotic Shard