Nirwen's Mercy

A burst-fire weapon, forged in fire by the Lords of the Iron Banner.


July 2016 Iron Banner Rolls

Lord Saladin is giving away Nirwen's Mercy as an Iron Banner reward!

Kinetic Damage

This weapon deals standard kinetic damage to enemies

Tier 1 Perks – Sights And Scopes

Red Dot-OAS 

Standard snapshot sight, grants bonus to target acquisition

Focus Lens FLA5 

Long-range scope, grants bonus to range and target acquisition, penalty to stability

Quickdraw IS

Agile sight, grants increased reload speed and bonus to handling, penalty to stability

Tier 2 Perk


Grants bonus to stability

Tier 3 Perks – Attachments

Speed Reload 

Increased reload speed

Braced Frame 

Bonus to stability, decreased magazine size

Oiled Frame 

Increased reload speed, penalty to range

Tier 4 Perk

Feeding Frenzy

Kills with this weapon increase reload speed for a short time

Where to get Nirwen's Mercy