Boolean Gemini

Fight your way!


Boolean Gemini can best be described by this song. 

Its base stats leave it somewhat in the middle of the road in all aspects, but the final two perks, "One Way" or "Or Another" make this one really unique. It also has a base required level of 30, making it a good weapon for leveling up alts.

"One Way" offers bonus Agility on precision kills. This can stack up to three times.

"Or Another" offers bonus armor on NON precision kills, making it a BODY MASSAGE SHOT MACHINE..........GO....


If this gun were a legendary, it would be considered quite good. But sacraficing an Exotic slot for those perks hardly seem worth it. If you run a legendary special, it might be a good option, but other exotic primaries, (Red Death/Last Word/MIDA) will almost always be more viable.

Base Stat Analysis

Rate of Fire

At a rate of fire of 37, Boolean Gemini is relatively in line with the standard for a Scout Rifle, flagging behind MIDA Multi-Tool a little, but outclassing the Jade Rabbit by quite a margin. Pretty much this isn’t much to write home about, pretty average, but not bad at all – definitely not a deal-breaker


Much more like it! With an impact of 48, the Boolean Gemini is riding pretty tasty for impact values on a Scout Rifle. Combine it with the standard rate of fire, and things are starting to pick up. With 10 more impact than the MIDA Multi-Tool’s 38, but only a slightly lower rate of fire, we can easily see why the Boolean Gemini is a contender.


Operating once again at a pretty standard range, we’re looking at 61. Higher than the MIDA Multi-tool, but not even touching the pseudo-Sniper that is the Jade Rabbit, Boolean Gemini still operates pretty respectfully here, and seems to have the same quirk of the MIDA by being deceptively accurate over range regardless.


Slightly higher than its competitive cousin, the MIDA, we’re looking at a nice, solid 53 compared to MIDA’s 49. Still both are around average, but with the lower rate of fire, obtaining an accurate shot should be far easier with the Boolean Gemini. We won’t even bother comparing it actively to the joke that is Jade Rabbit’s stability.


Nothing will ever beat the MIDA Multi-Tool here. It’s literally impossible. However, the Boolean Gemini is nothing to sniff at – all Scout Rifles have a pretty high reload stat, but the Boolean Gemini is one of the best, operating at 68 pretty nicely, only slightly outclassing the Jade Rabbit, but all things considered, the rate of fire and higher magazine size make the balance pretty tipped.


Sitting pretty at 19, Boolean Gemini is only sitting a little behind the MIDA Multi-tool at 21, but with the increased impact and pretty reasonable rate of fire, this is still a pretty good deal.

Base Stat Conclusion

Very well-rounded, the Boolean Gemini is certainly a competitive choice for PvP, with a really nice impact stat and some nice range. The kick to it is slightly deceptive, so accuracy is important, as is patience. As with any Scout Rifle, don’t go trying to spam away with it. While its stats are pretty good, it’s really the perks that make this gun what it is.

Where to get Boolean Gemini