Black Spindle

"Your only existence shall be that which I weave for you out of sorrow and woe."


Black Spindle is one of the few Exotic Sniper Rifles in The Taken King, and is most likely the spiritual successor to the wildly popular Black Hammer from Year One.

Its Exotic Perk, White Nail, is the most effective PVE boss melter in all of Destiny. After landing three precision shots, the magazine is refilled so you can continue doing damage till your reserves are expended. It is one of the most important weapons for the King's Fall Raid other than the Touch of Malice, because a fireteam wielding these during damage phases will destroy anything in their path. To obtain this bad boy/girl, you must complete the Lost to Light mission whenever it comes up as the Daily Heroic. We have a full Black Spindle quest guide, as completing it is quite a task. Unfortunately, Black Spindle is not a great option for PVP, but its incredible usefulness in PVE makes up for any of its crucible shirtcomings.


Where to get Black Spindle


This item can drop in situationally dependent ways.

The Taken King

This item requires the Taken King expansion.