Crucible Commendation

A commendation for your assistance. Can be used to grant Crucible reputation.

A Crucible Commendation is a valuable unit of currency, acquired from a Crucible/Faction rank-up reward package. These packages are sent to the Postmaster each time your Crucible/Faction reputation reaches a new rank (starting at Rank 3, then every 2500 reputation earned).

Crucible Commendations are used in combination with Crucible Marks to purchase Legendary Crucible/Faction weapons, helmets, and chest armor. Commendations are not required for Crucible/Faction gauntlets or boots.

Note: It worth restating that Faction rank-up packages do include a Crucible Commendation.

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Where to get Crucible Commendation


This item can drop as a Quest reward.