"They rest quiet on fields afar…for this is no ending, but the eye."


These are Year One values, Thunderlord Year Two has changed quite a bit.

Thunderlord is a high-Impact Machine Gun with good Stability (41), good Range (34), and an overall great balance of stats. Thunderlord's main feature is faster & more accurate shots the longer you fire. It even has a hidden talent: occasional AOE Arc-damage blasts on a kill.

As mentioned above, it's primarily known for being so well-balanced – unusual for a Machine Gun with such high Impact. Thunderlord boasts a very respectable 38-round clip and has a few notable talents (Field Scout, Perfect Balance). Ultimately, the perks are just icing.

In PVE, Thunderlord is very popular for Arc Burn Nightfalls & Heroics (with good reason!) With a 60-round clip (Field Scout) then switching to Perfect Balance, you've got a highly-accurate, Arc burn boss-killer. (Moments like this come to mind.)

For PVP, it's a divisive topic. You can't spend the ammo to trigger its Exotic perk, so you're left with a well-balanced, high Impact Machine Gun. Good in its own right, but can be substituted by Deviant Gravity-A if you have another Exotic in mind.

Of course, Thunderlord's best selling point is that it looks impressive and has an amazing, distinct ping!ping!ping! sound. You always take notice when a Thunderlord is being fired nearby. It's the sound of Guardians getting things done – and doing it in sky-cracking style.

- Excerpt from "'Should I Buy It?' – Thunderlord & Other Exotics"

These are Year One values, Thunderlord Year Two has changed for the better.

Where to get Thunderlord


This item can drop from Nightfall activities.

Prison of Elders

This item can drop as a Prison of Elders reward.


This item can drop as a Crucible match reward.

Vault of Glass

This item can drop in the Vault of Glass Raid.

Crota's End

This item can drop during the Crota's End Raid.


This item can drop as a Strike reward. Exotic items can only drop from the most challenging Strike playlist.


This item can drop in situationally dependent ways.

Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Xûr, Agent of the Nine, sometimes sells this item in the Tower.