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Necrochasm is an Exotic Auto Rifle added in DLC #1, The Dark Below. It fits into the Auto Rifle tier of very-low Impact, very-high ROF. It's notable for having the highest Stability (46) among peers (<36). Necrochasm's main downside is a significantly smaller Magazine (42) than similar Auto Rifles (>64).

Necrochasm deals Arc damage. The talent Cursebringer, which "frequently" triggers Cursed Thrall explosions on a kill, seems to activate on roughly 50% of kills.

Necrochasm is acquired through evolution. This begins with .

How to Get Husk of the Pit

  • Load the Fist of Crota story mission on Earth
  • Run past (or complete) the first stage with Omnigul
  • Interrupt the Hive ritual
  • Kill the "Blade of Crota" that appears
  • Didn't get Husk of the Pit? Go to orbit, redo the mission

Note: Blade of Crota is simply the enemy type that spawns in these rituals. They occur naturally all over Earth, and occasionally on the Moon. The Fist of Crota mission is simply a reliable way to encounter one.

Related Weapons:

Related Materials:

  • Embalming Orb (x1) - Upgrade HotP to Eidolon Ally
  • Crux of Crota - Upgrade EA to Necrochasm
    • Crux of Crota is a very rare Hard Mode drop from defeating Crota.

Arc Primaries

Where to get Necrochasm


This item can drop in situationally dependent ways.

Evolved From Another Item

This item is created as the result of powering up or activating another item.