Apotheosis Veil

Most helmets protect the mind from the universe. Not this one.


Excerpt from "'Should I Buy It?' – Hard Light & Other Exotics"

Apotheosis Veil is one of four Warlock helmets, one of several (3) which are subclass-neutral. Apotheosis Veil regenerates your health when your Super is activated. It also grants Infusion, which has notable use in Crota's End (Hard Mode).

  • Infusion: "Replenishes health each time you pick up an Orb of Light."
    • Since your health doesn't regenerate in Crota HM, and there's no Chalice, this talent is treasured among regular Crota HM runners.
Other than Crota's End HM, it's a questionable choice to make over other Warlock Exotics. It does make for an excellent panic button which could turn a fight, but...that's its limit. A reactionary, rather defensive Super use. The hidden cost of using an Exotic is that you're choosing it over every other Exotic. Apotheosis Veil is simply overshadowed by alternatives.

In-Game View

Where to get Apotheosis Veil


This item can drop from Nightfall activities.

Prison of Elders

This item can drop as a Prison of Elders reward.


This item can drop in situationally dependent ways.

Xûr, Agent of the Nine

Xûr, Agent of the Nine, sometimes sells this item in the Tower.