"Belisarius Defiant"

There's only one legitimate authority in this system.

Belisarius Defiant is one of 12 Red & Blue ships found as a Crucible reward. Belisarius Defiant was added in The Dark Below.

12 Blue & Red Ships in DLC #2


  • Belisarius Defiant refers to a campaign mission in Freespace 2. As described by kingoomieii:

"This ship is a reference to the first campaign mission of Freespace 2, 'Surrender, Belisarius!'

"During the mission, the captain of the NTCv Belisarius, part of a group of separatists, defies an order to stand down. He proclaims 'There's only one legitimate authority in this system.'"

The exact line is "Negative, Vasudan! The NTF is the only legitimate authority in this system!" - [Video Clip]

Where to get "Belisarius Defiant"


This item can drop as a Crucible match reward.