Scott Taylor Explains How Rise Of Iron Brings Lore Into Destiny

We interviewed Bungie's Scott Taylor about Rise of Iron's new battleaxe, environments, and even Game Of Thrones! 

We caught up with Bungie's Senior Producer, Scott Taylor, at E3 to ask him about the new story, weapons, and enemies players will face in the upcoming Rise Of Iron expansion. When asked about the new environment, our interviewer John remarked that when he walked in he felt a wintry vibe, and when he saw the wolves he saw a "Game Of Thrones thing going on."

"Game Of Thrones is awesome," Scott quickly said, "there are lots of things that inspire Destiny, and Game Of Thrones is great." 

After being prompted a bit, he laughed and added, "In Rise of Iron, winter is here, yes."

When asked about the story in Rise of Iron, Scott mentioned that after hearing from fans, the team wanted to tell a particular story from the universe while, "Trying to bring a lot of that lore into the game," with all new cinematics and storytelling. It seems they are not joking, apparently they went as far as staying in a wolf preserve overnight to record and document wolves.

You can check out the full video interview below.

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