How To Create a Tier 12 Build

Why Tier 12 builds are all the rage, and how to put together a Tier 12 build of your own. 

The idea behind Tier 12 Builds is to make your gear as efficient as possible by ensuring that no stat exceeds the 300 point maximum. You aim to have two of your stats at Tier 5 while your final stat is at Tier 2, totaling 12 Tiers worth of power. The most common build is maxed Intellect and Discipline, and Tier 2 Strength. This guide will help you create your own Tier 12 build, and how to find the perfect gear for your build.

How Do Tier 12 Builds Work?

Intellect, Discipline, and Strength affect how quickly your Super, Grenade, and Melee recharge. Beside each of these stats are 5 little bars and each one of these bars equates to 60 points. If you have a Purifier Robe Chest piece with 120 points of Intellect you’ll fill up two of the Intellect bars, meaning you will have Tier 2 Intellect. The trick is to find the right pieces of armor that work together so you can have 300 points in Intellect, 300 points in Discipline, and 120 points in Strength, or any combination of those three.

By doing this, you have two stats that are maxed and one stat as high as possible. The benefit of having Tier 12 gear is that you are able to maximize your cooldown potential. Instead of having your grenade ready fast, you can also have your melee recharging at the highest level while ensuring your Super is receiving adequate attention. A build that is poorly put together will have over 300 points in one stat, which is inefficient as anything over 300 no longer influence recharge rates.

Tier 12 Build Tools

Tower Ghost and Destiny Item Manager are two web and mobile-based apps and plugins that can assess your gear and tell you whether those Spektar Boots you just received are going to have the right stat split to get you to Tier 12. The most difficult thing about this process is knowing what items to keep and what items to scrap, which is where these amazing community-made applications come in handy. Using these tools will make things easier than writing down each and every value that you need to be aiming for. Whenever you get a new Legendary piece of gear, open up one of these apps on your computer or phone and let it do the hard work. Both of these tools will tell you if that new piece of gear is Tier 12 compatible.

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These tools will tell you how valuable a piece of gear is by showing you a percentage and anything over 97% is excellent and you should hold onto it. If a piece of gear is lower than that, it will never get any better no matter how high the Light Level. The exception to this is with Exotic gear; if you have an Exotic piece or armor, you can use a Glass Needle to reroll the stats to potentially turn a dud Helmet into one that’s worthy of a Tier 12 build.

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Once the app finds gear that will be Tier 12 build compatible at Light 335, it will tell you the breakdown of the gear including how it will affect each of your stats, and the individual perks you’ll receive. 

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Tier 12 Online Forms

If you’ve been playing Destiny for a while, chances are you will already have Tier 12-compatible gear. However, if you’re not sure, there are some handy forms online that you can use as a reference. One such user-created form is from Reddit user Mercules904, who has put together several Google Docs detailing Tier 12 gear, and where to find them in the Tower.

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This form also shows Vendor gear that can potentially help you achieve a Tier 12 build. In addition, it’s helpful if the Tower Ghost or Destiny Item Manager tells you your Gauntlets aren’t compatible as you can simply open the appropriate Class form and search for the right Gauntlets. For example, if you’re a Hunter and want Gauntlets with an Intellect/Strength split, the form says that Dead Orbit’s Heliopause Grips are most suitable for your build.

Understanding Tier 12

When gear starts dropping at Light 335, you will be able to tell at a glance whether the piece is going to work for you or not. Thanks to Datto’s Tier 12 video, you have a list of the highest possible stat rolls along with 97% values. Below is a list of gear alongside their highest possible values, as well as the value you should be trying to find. For instance, if you get a 335 Light Helmet and its stats add up to 108, your helmet is 97% from being perfect, as a perfect Helmet will have 111 points when added together. Which is good, because 97% is the minimum you’re looking for.

  • Helmet: 111-108
  • Gauntlets: 99-96
  • Chest: 147-144
  • Boots: 135-132
  • Class Item: 60-57
  • Artifact: 131-126
  • Ghost: 60-57

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Take the Keeper’s Mind Helmet for example; when you add the two stats together it equals 103, which is five points below the required 108, meaning it’s a 92% Helmet. But you shouldn’t just dismantle this Helmet because you might be able to make up the missing 5 points in another piece of gear. Meaning that even if a piece of armor isn’t 97%, hold onto it because similar to Light Level, it’s about the overall average.

Creating Your Tier 12 Build

You should now have a fairly decent idea of what is involved in creating a Tier 12 build and the tools you can use to help do it. The first thing you will want to do is check your current gear using Tower Ghost or Destiny Item Manager and save the gear you know will work. Then take a look at Mercules904’s Google Docs to help fill any missing spaces in your build. After that, keep your eyes peeled for any gear that, when you add together the two values, reaches at least 97% of the highest possible roll.

It’ll take a bit of work, but you will eventually find yourself with a Tier 12 Build that’s ready for Crucible combat! Keep in mind that perks on gear can be just as important as reducing your Grenade cooldown. It can sometimes be better to forgo a Tier 12 item if another piece has perks you prefer. If you followed this guide you should now be well on your way to finding the right gear to reach your desired Tier 12 build.

Are you in need of a new Primary weapon to go along with your build, check out the top five Primary weapons in Destiny. Better be quick about the Tier 12 build because Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner are returning, and every competitive edge counts. It looks like a Reddit user has datamined the Year 2 Moments of Triumph, have you done them all?

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