No Land Beyond Exotic Sniper Rifle Review: Perks and Build Guide

Everything you need to know about the No Land Beyond Exotic Sniper Rifle, and its perks and stats!

If you’ve hung around the Destiny community for any extended period of time, it’s highly likely that you’ve been exposed to a ‘No Land Beyondtage’ at some point (seriously, the first time it was witty, but there are other things you can call a sniping montage). You’ve often been dazzled by the quick-scoping, reload-cancelling, twitch-firing reactions of someone who makes those amazing headshots look easy.

In skilled hands, the No Land Beyond can be a devastating weapon of destruction in the Crucible. However, in the hands of the masses it’s so hard to use that it has even become something of a running joke. But does the No Land Beyond deserve the bad rap it’s gotten so far? Let’s find out!

No Land Beyond Base Stat Analysis

Rate of Fire - 19

Anyone who’s handled this weapon will be unsurprised by its particularly slow Rate of Fire at 19. It’s a bolt-action Sniper Rifle, after all. What they may be more surprised by is that the No Land Beyond actually isn’t flagging that far behind its contemporaries, the Hereafter and Patience and Time, both of which have a Rate of Fire of 26.

Impact - 31

Impact is one of the things the No Land Beyond is known for, and to quite an impressive degree. Hitting hard with an Impact rating of 31, the No Land Beyond outclasses the Hereafter by a decent margin at 25 and eclipses the Patience and Time at 22. Well-loved as a “revive sniper”, the No Land Beyond is definitely capable of laying down quite some impressive damage.

Range - 100

Literally unbeatable, the No Land Beyond has a staggering 100 Range which is extreme even by the measure of a Sniper Rifle. It’s actually funny when you consider that the weapon doesn’t have a scope, but regardless, it far outstrips both the Hereafter’s 80 and the Patience and Time’s even lower 75.

Stability - 24

Ordinarily, we would call 24 a pretty terrible value for Stability, and in comparison to the Hereafter’s 49 and the staggering 92 of the Patience of Time, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling the same. However, with the bolt-action mechanic and reduced Rate of Fire, Stability isn’t anywhere near as big of an issue as you might expect for the No Land Beyond.

Reload - 62

In spite of the bad rap it gets for Rate of Fire, the Reload speed of the No Land Beyond isn’t too bad at all at 62, which is faster than the Hereafter’s 51, and slightly ahead of the Patience and Time’s 58.

Magazine - 6

Once more we get a view of some of the more impressive stats the No Land Beyond is carrying around, with a considerable 6 shots per Magazine. This is a much better rating than both the Hereafter and the Patience and Time, which tie at 4.

Base Stat Conclusion

While the No Land Beyond has a notoriously bad reputation, its stats are actually pretty impressive for a Primary Exotic Sniper Rifle with fantastic Impact and Range, as well as decent Reload. The Rate of Fire is a little on the low side, as is the Stability, but the real issue for the No Land Beyond is the lack of precision sights.

No Land Beyond Perk Analysis

Exotic Perk – The Master

  • Increased precision damage. Kills briefly increase damage against next target.

It could be argued that this perk is actually best suited for PvE as it’s designed for stacking damage against a foe, and arguably you would be right. However, the No Land Beyond simply isn’t a PvE weapon. Instead, The Master has a different focus, allowing for increased damage against targets in the Crucible, and subsequently making pinpoint accuracy less crucial.

Selectable Ballistics Perks – CQB Ballistics/Soft Ballistics/Accurized Ballistics

We recommend avoiding Soft Ballistics immediately. While it improves Stability, which isn’t bad for the No Land Beyond, it also reduces Impact which is definitely not preferable. CQB Ballistics would be a better choice if you’re not a fan of the No Land Beyond’s Recoil, as it increases Stability at the expense of Range. This may not sound great at first, but when you consider that the No Land Beyond isn’t exactly designed for cross-map combat, it’s not so bad. However, if Stability doesn’t bother you, go with Accurized Ballistics. It increases Recoil but also increases Range and Impact, both of which are never a bad thing.

Non-Selectable Middle Perk – Mulligan

  • Missing a shot has a chance to return ammo directly to the magazine.

This is a perk that sounds great on paper, but in practice is pretty crappy. No one likes being punished for missing a shot, and Mulligan gives you the chance for a do-over. However, the chances of it triggering are so low that it’s worth simply forgetting about entirely.

Selectable Stat Perks – Lightweight/Snapshot/Flared Magwell

We don’t tend to be big fans of Lightweight, so we would advise you to ignore it. It’s not that it’s useless (far from it), we just find that it’s usually one of the worst potential outcomes. Instead, Snapshot may be a little better for you, especially in a fast-paced Crucible scenario as it allows you to aim quicker for precision shots. Of the three, we recommend Flared Magwell overall, giving impressively fast reload speeds and helping get more shots in the air as quickly as possible. 


If you’re a Crucible player and enjoy either a challenge or a combat sniper style of play, pick up the No Land Beyond. It’s a novelty, and it can be fun and rewarding in skilled hands, especially if you have the twitch-reactions of a player on their 6th can of Red Bull. However, if you don’t fit that criteria we generally recommend you avoid it like the plague, especially if you’re a PvE-focused player.

This is not a weapon that excels at PvE in any way, and due its niche nature in the Crucible, we’re forced to give No Land Beyond a rather poor 2/5 Exotic Engrams.

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