How To Get The Grasp of Malok

Why you want the Grasp of Malok and how to farm it during this week’s Nightfall and Strikes.

You may have noticed a rise in other players killing you with Grasp of Malok in Crucible; this is due in part to the November 10th changes to Pulse Rifles that saw high rate-of-fire Pulse’s overthrow their mid-RoF cousins. Grasp of Malok has the fastest rate-of-fire of any Legendary Pulse Rifle (capable of reaching Light 335), which makes it a must-have for Crucible enthusiasts. The Grasp of Malok is only available from the Will of Crota Strike, so buckle up and prepare to do some farming!

Why Farm The Grasp of Malok?

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The Grasp of Malok is the highest rate-of-fire Pulse Rifle currently available at the maximum Light Level and has the ability to three-burst headshot a low-armored opponent in Crucible. With perks offering high Stability, the Grasp of Malok can quickly outperform many other viable weapons as it boasts one of the fastest time-to-kills in the game.

Grasp of Malok Rolls

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Due to Grasp of Malok’s low stability, the number one perk you should try and attain is Counterbalance as this lifts the Pulse Rifle’s stability to a manageable level. Grasp of Malok’s recoil pattern kicks towards one side, so Counterbalance is needed to pull this recoil pattern back toward the center of the screen. Even with the recent nerfs to Counterbalance, it is still a perk worth farming, especially on weapons with wily recoil.

If you cannot manage to get a Grasp of Malok with Counterbalance, aim to find one with Braced Frame, Hand-Laid Stock, Smallbore, or Perfect Balance, as these perks will help lift Grasp of Malok’s Stability without compromising other essential stats. While Stability-increasing perks are essential, the remaining perks are purely preferential; it will be up to you to decide how you wish to use this gun. However, if you are planning on using the Grasp of Malok in the Crucible consider using: Third Eye, Last Resort, Grenadier, or Feeding Frenzy, as these perks help increase survivability and lethality.

Nightfall Farming

This week’s Nightfall offers you the fastest way to farm the Grasp of Malok with Solar Burn, and Specialists offering two opportunities for increased damage. For the most efficient method, you will need two Gunslingers using Deadeye and the Exotic Helmet Celestial Nighthawk, as well as a Nightstalker. Fight your way through the Strike until you reach the scannable roller-door, as this is where the farming begins. Ensure everyone on your Fireteam has their Super before continuing further.

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Send the Nightstalker in first, it’s their job to lose the Shadowshot near the pillar beside Omnigul. Landing it there will ensure Omnigul is tethered for the longest period of time as her pathing dictates her to move up the hill. As soon as Omnigul becomes tethered, the two Gunslingers will activate their Supers and fire on Omnigul. It is advised that both your Gunslingers be using Celestial Nighthawk for the six-times damage.

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If your Gunslingers don’t own Celestial Nighthawk, get them to fire all three of their shots before following up with a Special weapon with Solar Damage. Once Omnigul dies, stick around killing enemies until the Ogre spawns and then allow it to kill you. If you find that someone doesn’t have their Super back, simply do a Super run where the only goal is to kill Thrall and Knights to get your Super back, then wipe! Rinse and repeat this method as many times as you need and soon you'll have Engrams covering the ground and a Grasp of Malok that hopefully fits your playstyle.

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Two-Player Nightfall Farming

Sometimes only one person will want to farm for Grasp of Malok with you; if this is the case, do not despair because it is just as easy to kill Omnigul with two players as it is with three. Due to this week’s Nightfall having Solar Burn and Specialist, any Special weapon that does Solar damage is going make up for a missing player.

The Lord of Wolves shotgun is one such weapon, and with its 5-round burst of Solar damage, it will be dealing roughly 8,000 per pellet. Omnigul doesn’t stand a chance! Simply Tether Omnigul, fire off the Golden Gun round, then you and your other teammate should get up close and fire on her with your Lord of Wolves. Any additional grenades, smoke bombs or throwing knives will also help to bring her down faster.

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Strike Farming

While not as fast as a Nightfall or Heroic Strike with burns, the Strike is still an excellent means of farming for the Grasp of Malok. The method involves a similar process to the two Gunslingers and one Nightstalker method mentioned above, the only difference being all three teammates will likely have to deal damage to Omnigul after firing their Supers. It can also be notably easier as the enemies are not a high level and won’t be dealing as much damage as a Nightfall variant.

Keep in mind that equipping a Ghost with Spinmetal Extractor will help you farm Spinmetal for every Engram you pick up, this is a great way to help get extra Material for levelling your Faction. If you followed this Grasp of Malok farming guide, you should now find yourself the proud owner of several Grasp of Maloks! Hopefully at least one of them boats the perfect set of perks for your playstyle.

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