Peregrine Greaves Armor Review: Perks and Build Guide

Everything you need to know about the Exotic Titan Leg Armor, the Peregrine Greaves!

Death from on high, the Peregrine Greaves are all about a high DPS strike to the face of your enemies. With Update 2.3.0, Heroic Strikes once again have a Modifier, and this week happens to be Arc Burn and Brawler. Because of this, we figured what better time to take a look at everyone’s favorite Striker Titan Legs? All about augmenting Shoulder Charge, Peregrine Greaves may just be one of the most fun pieces of Titan gear around.

Peregrine Greaves Stats

Pretty even stats across the board here:

  • Intellect – Min: 40 / Max: 79
  • Strength – Min: 40 / Max: 79
  • Discipline – Min: 40 / Max: 79

Any split is possible, but an Intellect/Strength split is the most likely outcome from a random drop due to the Perk weighting.

Peregrine Greaves Perks Selectable Perk 1 – Stat Increase

The math is a little tricky when it comes to working out the straight-up probabilities of outcomes. Breaking it down, the chances of rolling Discipline are slim with a 1/3 chance for each perk slot respectively, a 2/3 of Intellect in slot 1, and a 2/3 chance of Strength in slot 2.

  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Discipline
  • Increase Intellect

Like we said, this leaves the weighting in favor of an Intellect/Strength split. Not a bad combination for a Striker Titan.

Selectable Perk 2 – Ammo Carry Buff

Leg Armor is all about the ammo, and the Peregrine Greaves are no different. This column of Perks will randomly assign you a pair of perks for either a Special Weapon ammo type or for the second slot, a Heavy Ammo perk. Here’s what you’re getting:

Slot 1

  • Fusion Rifle/Shotgun/Sidearm/Sniper Rifle Ammo – Increases the amount of Fusion Rifle/Shotgun/Sidearm/Sniper Rifle ammunition you can carry.

This obviously comes down to personal preference. We usually consider Sniper Rifle ammo to be the best if you’re an avid PvE player, but for Crucible, only you will know what works best for you.

Slot 2

  • Machine Gun/Rocket Launcher Ammo – Increases the amount of Machine Gun/Rocket Launcher ammunition you can carry.

Same as the above for this one, with preference being the key focus. However, if you get unlucky with the first slot, we consider Heavy ammo to be more versatile, so going with it isn’t a bad consolation prize.

Non-Selectable Perk – Arc Double-Down

Only one outcome here, and that’s the Arc Double-Down perk:

  • Increased Agility to 5 seconds after an Arc double kill.

Considering the Peregrine Greaves are for the Striker Titan, this shouldn’t be an issue of any kind. However, having an Arc Special and Heavy will also count!

Exotic Perk – Peregrine Strike

  • Shoulder Charge deals bonus damage when activated in the air.

They really aren’t kidding. The bonus damage from the Peregrine Strike perk allows players to pull off some impressive feats (not least of which is one-shotting the Fallen Walker Tank in The Shadow Thief Strike under the right circumstances). Few enemies in the Crucible will faze you with the Peregrine Greaves, which are capable of outright killing any foe whether they’re a self-rez’d Warlock, a Defender in their Ward of Dawn, or a Bladedancer rampaging straight at you.

The Last Word

The Peregrine Greaves are a joy to use. Able to dish out extravagant DPS under the right circumstances, there are some situations that Destiny players swear the Peregrine Greaves are the best possible weapons to use, however, they are a very niche piece of gear. Arc Burn is on, or Brawler, or Airborne or even all three, then grab those Peregrine Greaves and give every enemy you find a flying knee to the face. If you’re getting overrun by tanky Supers in the Crucible, pop the Peregrine Greaves and start caving in skulls. However, while they are truly fun, we can’t recommend them outright. There are better Exotics for broader situations.

As such, we’ll be giving the Peregrine Greaves a 3/5 Engram score!

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