Destiny's Challenge of the Elders: Week 10 Guide

This guide will show you how to hit the High Score in Challenge of the Elders Week 10.

What is Challenge of the Elders?

Challenge of the Elders is a Level 42 activity with a recommended Guardian Light Level of 320. It is set in the Prison of Elders and takes place over three rounds where players will face three different bosses with three different modifiers! You earn points by killing enemies in order to hit the High Score in a single run; doing so earns you a weapon with Light Level up to 335. Don’t stop there, because if you manage to hit a Cumulative Score of 90,000 before the end of the week, you will earn yourself a piece of armor up to Light Level 335.

Challenge of the Elders Week

The modifiers for this week’s Challenge of the Elders are:

  • Melee Kill Bonus
  • Fresh Troops
  • Trickle

The bosses this week are:

  • Keksis, the Betrayed
  • Val Aru’un
  • Seditious Mind

Get your fists ready because melee kills are worth double! However, with Trickle active it’s going to take a long time to charge them up, and Fresh Troops will throw a greater number of enemies at you. 

Recommended Builds and Playstyle

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Whenever a Melee Bonus week is occurring, the primary class you will want to be playing as is the Striker Titan. The reason for this is the Striker’s melee modifier Overload; hits with Storm Fist have a chance to immediately reset its cooldown. As well as the Striker’s Transfusion perk; kills with Storm Fist or Shoulder Charge immediately trigger health regeneration. These two perks help keep the Titan’s health and melee fully charged, which is a handy benefit considering how Trickle is active this week. 

You should also consider using the Monte Carlo so that if Overload doesn’t activate, you can always shoot the boss or kill an enemy to help recharge Storm Fist. If you’re going to be playing as the Striker Titan, consider assigning the other two players from your Fireteam to score assists. While this may not be the most thrilling strategy, it will ensure you hit the High Score. Players scoring assists should use low-impact weapons like Sidearms or high rate-of-fire Auto Rifles to ensure they don’t accidentally steal kills from the Titan. Warlocks and Hunters can potentially act as the point scorer, albeit with less efficiency.

Gunslingers can capitalize on Throwing Knives while Stormcaller’s can use Feedback to continually have their melee available. As with the Titan, using the Monte Carlo helps bridge the gap between any melees that don’t recharge in time. Striker Titan’s should try and use the Scroll of Eimin-Tin Artifact, as it grants the ability for melees to potentially generate an Orb of Light when killing a Taken enemy. This will only activate during the first and final round as the second round is a non-Taken boss.

Warlocks and Hunters should find their equivalent Artifact to help with Orb of Light generation as well. To further increase the amount of points possible per kill, Nightstalkers should be utilized as their Shadowshot with Black Hole and Light of the Pack can generate countless Orbs of Light. Use this as much as you can to bump your score up even higher. Finally, if you find yourself constantly without a melee charge or simply not dealing enough damage, a kill with an ammo-less Sword counts as a melee kill and has a higher base damage than a non-charged melee.

How To Beat Keksis, The Betrayed

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Keksis, the Betrayed is the first boss this week and takes place in the Fallen arena. Keksis is a Taken combatant with Taken allies, so ensure you have the correct Artifact equipped. Keksis has some truly dangerous abilities, so be extremely careful when getting in close to him. Keksis will summon Corrupted Light, and if left alone these Corrupted Lights will drain your Super and suppress you and your allies.

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To remove them from the map, stand within their radius until they disappear. Keksis also has the ability to throw Blinding Orbs, and he has the ability to fire them extremely rapidly. Stick to the perimeter of the map or near the center around the airplanes to help funnel the enemies into tighter groups for your point scorer to melee.

How To Beat Val Aru’un

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Val Aru’un is the second boss this week and takes place in the Cabal arena. It’s the only non-Taken boss this week and as such the enemies will be standard Cabal. Try and find an Artifact that matches your subclass to help generate extra Orbs of Light on melee kills. Val Aru’un isn’t the only target in this arena, as he brings with him three Psion Flayers that shield him with a specific element.

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Hunt down the appropriate Psion as denoted by the element around Val Aru’un, and kill it to remove the shield. Doing so will weaken Val Aru’un until the next Psion Flayer shields him. It is also a good idea to kill all the Psion Flayers before dealing damage to Val Aru’un. 

How To Beat Seditious Mind

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Seditious Mind is the final boss this week and takes place in the Vex arena. Being a Taken combatant, its allies will be Taken variants as well. Equip the correct Artifact to ensure you have a chance of generating extra Orbs of Light. Stick to the right-hand side of the arena, as the architecture will provide protection from Seditious Mind’s attacks. Its primary attack is to highlight a spot on the ground and then summon a Blight Bomb on that location. Keep an eye out for red rings and jump out of the way if you see one. If you followed the guide, you should now find yourself well over the High Score threshold for Challenge of the Elders and on your way to the Cumulative Score!

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