Destiny's Challenge of the Elders: Week 9 Guide

This guide will show you how to hit the High Score in Challenge of the Elders Week 9.

What is Challenge of the Elders?

Challenge of the Elders is a new Level 42 activity with a recommended Light of 320. It takes place in the Prison of Elders and spans three individual rounds where you will fight three different bosses. The goal is to reach the High Score in one full run, and the Cumulative Score throughout numerous runs. Each kill-type is awarded a different amount of points, with the Bonus modifier rewarding extra points. The bosses will stay the same for the duration of the week, so be sure to learn their patterns in order to properly plan out your attack!

Challenge of the Elders Week 9

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The modifiers for this week’s Challenge of the Elders are:

  • Precision Kill Bonus
  • Juggler
  • Grounded

The bosses this week are:

  • Sylok, The Defiled
  • Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx
  • Pilot Servitor

This week’s boss setup is exactly the same as week 7’s line-up, though this week’s modifiers are different. Aim for the head to get the Precision Kill bonus, but watch your ammo and don’t go jumping around because Juggler and Grounded are active.

Recommended Builds and Playstyle

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A few weeks have gone by since we last saw a Precision Kill Bonus week. Precision Kill Bonus weeks are always fun as they don’t require excess waiting or planning like Super or Grenade weeks. Your best course of action is to use a weapon that doesn’t easily run out of ammo like the Bad Juju or No Time To Explain pulse rifles. Using these will help alleviate some of the constraints from Juggler. Keep in mind the Golden Rule of Challenge of the Elders, especially if you want to easily hit the High Score: always assign two players to get Assists while the third scores the points.

Doing so adds an additional 150 points per kill in the final round if each of the two Assistors get an Assist. Builds this week are fairly fluid thanks to the Precision Kill Bonus. No Subclass is overtly more suitable for this role than another, though the Gunslinger does have a slight edge over the competition with their Throwing Knife kills and three potential stacks of Chain of Woe. If you can manage, have at least one Nightstalker and one Defender on your team to assist with Orb of Light generation. Nightstalkers should be used to using Light of the Pack with Black Hole to supply the team with vast quantities of Orbs of Light, while Defenders should place their Ward of Dawn in front of the boss to draw aggro and have their Bubble become a refuge.

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The first two rounds are Taken variants, which means that each combatant can potentially offer you an extra Orb of Light on Precision Kill if you have an appropriate Artefact. String together as many non-kill Supers, Assists, and Precision Kills as you can manage to ensure your score skyrockets! The best weaponry for players scoring Assists is something with a low-impact rating such as High Rate of Fire Auto Rifles or Sidearms; just aim for the legs or non-critical area and move onto the next target.

How To Beat Sylok, The Defiled

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Sylok, The Defiled is the Taken-Hive variant boss, and as such takes place in the Hive arena. Stay near the entrance, as this location helps funnel enemies toward your location while also preventing Sylok from dealing any damage to you. Sylok’s main ability is a Napalm attack, scorching the ground in multiple locations for an extremely long period of time. Be careful when maneuvering around these spots as jumping over them can cause almost instantaneous death.

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If you need your Nightstalker or Defender to have their Super ready, you can always stand in the Napalm and let them revive you repeatedly. The only caveat for this method is they need to have an Angel of Mercy

How To Beat Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx

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Noru’usk, the Servant of Oryx is the second boss in this week’s Challenge of the Elders and takes place in the Cabal arena. The safest place to hold out is to the left of the entrance in the little alcove. Noru’usk is arguably the easiest of all the eight available bosses with no additional moves, no special abilities, and no Psion Flayer bodyguards. 

Simply shoot him while avoiding his stomps and Slug gun rounds. Dealing with the Phalanxes is the most challenging part of the Cabal arenas, especially on a Precision Kill week. Get the two Assistors to shoot their feet, which will hopefully cause them to stagger and open up the opportunity to score an easy headshot.

How To Beat Pilot Servitor

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Pilot Servitor is the final boss this week and takes place in the large Fallen arena. You can either keep moving to corral enemies towards different locations, or hold up in some of the strongholds around the map such as to the left on the elevated balcony, to the right on the shelf, or towards the middle near the aeroplanes. 

The Pilot Servitor has a few attacks that make it surprisingly powerful. A short-range teleport can allow it to appear right next to you, and will often follow up with a powerful melee attack or the Devil Walker bouncing mines. Keep shooting, moving, and scoring Assists and Precision Kill combos to ensure your score keeps ticking up. Don’t fret too much about Variks growing impatient, as you lose an insignificant amount of points whenever this happens.

If you followed the guide, you should now find yourself well over the High Score threshold for Challenge of the Elders and on your way to the Cumulative Score!

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