"DeeJ Versus The Community" Rap Battle Parody

“DeeJ Versus The Community” Rap Battle Parody

Not only can he write weekly updates, host Twitch streams, and tweet with the best of them, Bungie’s Community Manager David “DeeJ” Dague can also spit fire with the best of them. Okay, so it isn’t really DeeJ, but this hilarious Rap Battle parody video is what we like to think DeeJ wishes he could say when he’s had enough of the complaining:


Submitted by Destiny subreddit user rpaq34, the post has already gained recognition in the Destiny community in only a few short hours. Covering topics from lack of content announcements and the community’s entitlement, to the whole shebang regarding Skill-Based Matchmaking, every line in this YouTube video is pure gold. There’s even some shade thrown in there about The Division. Pretty snarky.

It’s nice to see yet another example of the Destiny community’s creative talents shining through, and although it isn’t the first Destiny-themed Rap Battle we’ve seen, it’s definitely one of the best. We certainly hope to see more in future!

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