Reddit User Posts Hilarious Iron Banner Cosplay Video

This Reddit user tries to get Zavala cosplayer to dance at Fanime 2016. 

During Memorial Day weekend San Jose, California hosts a popular anime convention known as Fanime. In addition to cosplays of popular anime characters, many convention-goers showcase some of their best video game cosplays. Take Reddit user kattrick for example, she recently posted a video to the official Destiny subreddit showcasing her impressive Iron Banner cosplay alongside her friend’s equally impressive Zavala cosplay. Not only are the outfits superb, but the video itself is a hilarious re-enactment of what many of us do in Destiny… dance in the Tower. Here’s what kattrick had to say about the video:

“I’ve been working on an Iron Banner Hunter cosplay for the past few weeks and convinced my buddy to make a Zavala to accompany me to a con last weekend. We both had to cut some corners on the costumes due to time, but we had a ton of fun wearing them out to Fanime on Saturday. Couldn’t help but re-enact classic Tower behavior to the annoyance of Zavala!”

The Destiny community has responded with praise, especially in relation to the accuracy of the dance itself with user easygoine commenting:

“OP you nailed that dance! Excellent cosplay!”

And user PGZ4sheezy commenting on having seen other Destiny cosplayers at the con:

“Aw man, wish I had gone to see it! Love seeing fellow Guardians walking around downtown SJ. I went to my first Fanime last year and the first couple cosplayers I saw were a Hunter with a Hawkmoon and a Warlock with Vex Mythoclast!”

Be sure to check out kattrick’s Destiny cosplay video below!

Source: Reddit 

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