Tlaloc Exotic Scout Rifle Review: Perks and Build Guide

Everything you need to know about the Exotic Scout Rifle, the Tlaloc and its perks and stats!

Named for the ancient Aztec God of Storms, the Tlaloc is an Exotic Scout Rifle wielded exclusively by Warlocks. Like the Fabian Strategy for Titans or the Ace of Spades for Hunters, the Tlaloc is a class-specific weapon for Warlocks obtainable by reaching Rank 3 with the Gunsmith and taking on the assigned quest. In addition, the Tlaloc is often considered the best of the three class-specific Exotic weapons. Appearing much like a standard Omolon Scout Rifle, this weapon is far from average. For the Stats section of this review, we will be comparing the Tlaloc to its fellow Scout Rifles, MID Multi-Tool, and Boolean Gemini.

Tlaloc Base Stat Analysis

Rate of Fire - 37

Off to a nice start, the Tlaloc has a reasonably average Rate of Fire at 37 tying it with the Boolean Gemini, and falling slightly behind the 42 Rate of Fire of the MIDA Multi-Tool. Despite this, the Rate of Fire and Stability stats for the Tlaloc as somewhat skewed due to the nature of its Exotic perk.

Impact - 48

Definitely approaching the higher end of the spectrum for a Scout Rifle, the Tlaloc has a substantial Impact stat of 48, tied once again with the Boolean Gemini, and quite considerably ahead of the MIDA Multi-Tool at 38. This means that technically the Tlaloc and the Boolean Gemini have a higher DPS than the MIDA Multi-Tool, although it’s still a negligible difference.

Range - 59

At first glance, there really isn’t a large difference between the Tlaloc’s Range of 59, the MIDA Multi-Tool’s 58, and the Boolean Gemini’s 61. All of them are reasonably average for a Scout Rifle, however the Tlaloc has the ability to boost its Range stat through the use of perks, potentially giving it to highest Range value. Regardless, at the base level, there’s no real discernable difference.

Stability - 40

The Tlaloc actually appears to flag a little here with a Stability value of 40, compared to the 49 of the MIDA Multi-Tool and the Boolean Gemini at 53. While at first glance the Tlaloc is the inferior of the three, the Exotic perk of the Tlaloc significantly rebalances the odds in its favor, meaning that it should still carry a pretty healthy Stability when used correctly.

Reload - 52

First of all, it would be unfair to compare the Tlaloc and the Boolean Gemini to the ridiculous Reload speed of the MIDA Multi-Tool, which sits at a full 100. Instead, the Tlaloc suffers somewhat with its Reload speed of 52, even when compared solely to the Boolean Gemini, which has an impressive Reload of 68. Unfortunately, there’s no perk trickery to save the Tlaloc this time, so we would advise getting your hands on some Scout Rifle Reload Gauntlets.

Magazine - 20

The Tlaloc sits neatly in the center for Magazine size with 20 shots per Magazine while the MIDA Multi-Tool holds 21, and the Boolean Gemini brings up the rear with 19. There’s not much else to be said here, as all these stats are reasonably average for a Scout Rifle. However, with the monstrous Reload of the MIDA Multi-Tool and its slightly higher Magazine size, it would likely win just by the sheer weight of shots it can put out.

Base Stat Conclusion

The Tlaloc and the Boolean Gemini’s Stats are almost inseparable at first glance. However, while the Tlaloc functions well in most areas, it does suffer slightly in Stability and Reload. Although there’s nothing that can be done for the Tlaloc’s Reload speed (other than the recommended Reload perk Gauntlets), the Exotic perk of the Tlaloc successfully remedies the Stability issue while substantially adding to the Rate of Fire.

Tlaloc Perk Analysis

Exotic Perk

Overflow – This weapon has better handling, Rate of Fire and Stability while the wielder’s Super is charged.

This perk alone is one of the main reasons why the Tlaloc is so feared. While it encourages a method of play that is somewhat unusual, causing you to ignore your Super ability, the benefits more than outweigh this. As previously stated, the Tlaloc already has a pretty high Impact stat. When you add increased Rate of Fire and improved accuracy via Stability to the mix, this thing is truly a force to be reckoned with. For playing in the Crucible, we recommend coupling the Tlaloc with a Voidwalker, and the Obsidian Mind if possible. That way, you’re less tempted to use a Super recklessly and focus instead on using it in the ideal moment to bring you closer to having another Super.

First Perk

Grenadier Kills – With this weapon reduce the cooldown of your grenade.

In a rather unusual form, the Tlaloc also sports an additional perk… Grenadier. In many ways, this perk seems almost an apology or additional incentive to not use your Super, acting as something of a trade-off. While you need to hold on to your Super in order to make the most of the Tlaloc, you can throw grenades to your heart’s content.

Selectable Ballistics Perks

  • Smooth Ballistics
  • Accurized Ballistics
  • Soft Ballistics

Ignore Soft Ballistics, while it may increase Stability it also reduces Impact, which is a pretty terrible exchange. Smooth Ballistics sounds like a potential winner, increasing Recoil while boosting Range. However, you can pick up Range elsewhere with the Tlaloc. Instead, we recommend going with Accurized Ballistics. Although similar to Smooth Ballistics in that it improves Range and increases Recoil, it’s the better choice of the two as it will also improve Impact.

Middle Perk

Eye of the Storm – This weapon becomes more accurate as your health gets lower.

A perk that we don’t exactly rave about, even though we still consider Eye of the Storm respectable. For the Crucible, any edge against your opponent can be useful, and for PvE you may find some of the targets most likely to deal excessive damage attack from Range, so Eye of the Storm will allow you to return fire much more efficiently. While not essential, it’s a welcome addition regardless.

Selectable Stat Perks

  • Hand Loaded
  • Armor Piercing Rounds
  • Injection Mold

Ignore Armor Piercing Rounds, even though on paper they sound amazing as they can shoot through an opponent to hit one behind, and can fire through walls. Unfortunately, these Armor Piercing Rounds just aren’t the powerhouse they once were. After a substantial nerf, they’re just an unreliable gimmick now. Furthermore, be sure to avoid Injection Mold, as we’re looking to build the Tlaloc for additional Range. However, if you’re more interested in developing the Tlaloc for closer quarters combat, increased handling and better Stability at the expense of Range may be just what you’re looking for. For us, there is a clear choice here: Hand Loaded. Increasing the Range of the Tlaloc dramatically, Hand Loaded takes the best elements of the Tlaloc and allows you to deliver them from even farther away.


For a Warlock, the Tlaloc is a must. Regardless of Subclass, the Tlaloc is a powerful piece of gear with exceptional stats that are heightened impressively thanks to its versatile Exotic Perk. While you may find yourself restricting your Super use, in skilled hands you won’t particularly mind as you rack up kill after kill with the Tlaloc. While we recommend it for PvP in the Crucible, the Tlaloc is equally viable for PvE. In general, there are few situations the Tlaloc doesn’t do well at. However, due to its relatively difficult nature causing you to re-train the way you play, it’s not the easiest weapon to get used to.

As such, we’ll be going with a highly respectable 4/5 Exotic Engrams for the Tlaloc!

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