Bungie Forgot This Simple Prop

Reddit user finds a mysterious floating box left over from Bungie’s developers.

Many games have hidden Easter Eggs and secrets for players to find and unlock. However, sometimes these hidden inclusions are bits and pieces left over from developers that were never removed. Case in point, a "Simple Prop" left behind by Bungie’s developers, seen floating off far in the distance outside the Hall of Souls. 

Posting to the official Destiny subreddit, user djxyz0 links their YouTube video highlighting the object for all to see:

“It’s just a simple prop too and they forgot to get rid of it smh.”

Their post has received 2500 upvotes and over 200 comments, all by players making light of the situation. Many players even expressed surprise after watching the video.

User Hawk_Zefry reponds:

“I definitely wasn't expecting that, lmfao.”

And RudimentsOfGruel posted modified lyrics of Tenacious D’s “Tribute” to fit the occasion:

“This is not the simplest prop in the world, 

No, this is just a tribute”

Whether Bungie forgot to remove the simple prop by mistake, or left it behind for players to find and enjoy, remains to be seen. However, there’s no denying the huge response this discovery has garnered thanks to djxys0 and their keen eye for detail. Check out the video below to see this simple prop for yourself! 

Have you found any other items that Bungie developers have left behind? 

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