Court of Oryx Boss Guide

This guide is going to show you have to easily kill each of the Tier 3 Court of Oryx bosses! 

The Court of Oryx was originally released along with The Taken King in September of 2015 and acts as a sort of large, player-activated, Public Event. This guild will give you more information about each Tier 3 boss you will encounter in Court of Oryx, and how to defeat them.

What is the Court of Oryx?

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The Court of Oyrx allows for three different difficulty levels as defined by the three different Runes: Reciprocal Rune, Stolen Rune, and Antiquated Rune. By placing a Rune in one of the three statues, you will activate a corresponding difficulty level. All participating players will reap the rewards, but the player who placed the Rune gets the juiciest prizes.

As of the April Update, the Court of Oryx rewards an Artefact up to 335 Light. The Court of Oryx can have as many players as a normal Patrol, however Fireteams are still limited to three people. If you have more than three friends who want to run the Court of Oryx there are a few tricks you can do to help connect with one another.

Have all players separately enter and exit the Court of Oryx until two players see one another, then the remaining players can join those already together. So while you won’t all be in the same Fireteam, you will still be able to work with one another. Alternatively, if you see some random players in the Court of Oryx, send them a message and ask for an invite, that way you can have enough more people in the Court for the Tier 3 bosses.

Charging the Runes

Before you go placing the most difficult Rune into the appropriate statue, you must charge the Rune first. Charging a Stolen Rune requires three victories from a Reciprocal Rune, and in order to charge an Antiquated Rune, you must finish three Stolen Runes. Once you’ve charged your Antiquated Rune (used to summon one of the Tier 3 bosses), you can place it the statue and begin the fight. A different Tier 3 boss is available each week. 

Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota

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 If you’ve played the Crota’s End raid, you will be familiar with the mechanics of this Court of Oryx boss fight. A Knight spawns wielding a special Sword, kill him and claim this Sword to be able to deal damage to Thalnok. However, be wary as your teammates will have to take down Thalnok’s shield before you go charging in.

To complicate matters, two Wizards spawn, one on either side of the Fanatic of Crota. The safest method is to kill all of the enemies, prioritizing the Wizards, while leaving the Swordbearer alive. Then everyone should focus on taking down Thalnok’s shield while the designated Sword carrier collects the Sword.

Thalnok should just be starting to kneel as you run up the stairs, which will afford you enough time to land 2-3 heavy attacks. Another method is to have a player with an Exotic Sword simply block Thalnok’s slam attack then follow up with a heavy attack, the Raze-Lighter has the ability to one-shot Thalnok’s shields.


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The Taken Wizard Kagoor is your main target for this Court of Oryx Tier 3 boss. However, she comes with her own personal bodyguards in the form of Ogres, as well as one special Servile Ogre which must be killed before you are able to deal damage to Kagoor. To deal any reasonable amount of damage to the Servile Ogre you will need to kill the Orbs that spawn in the air, doing this will increase your damage output exponentially with each Orb kill.

Remaining on the perimeter of the Court of Oryx is ideal, specifically behind any structures, rocks, or lips to avoid the Ogre’s void eye-blast. Though the Ogres will eventually wander around into view, be prepared to take them down. It can be useful to assign one or two players to take down the Orbs, that way they are dealing the most damage to the Servile Ogre, while all other players are clearing the enemies. Once the Servile Ogre dies, everyone needs to focus Kagoor, either with long range weaponry or up-close with Swords and Shotguns. As usual, Raze-Lighter is a monster when it comes to taking down high priority targets.


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Arguably the most challenging of the three potential Tier 3 bosses, Balwur activates the Court of Oryx’s poisonous floor, except for the area directly below the center platform. As the round starts, you will need to make your way beneath the platform and wait for the Acolyte of Balwur to spawn. After killing this Acolyte, an effect called Lost Light will appear sending a glorious beam of Light onto the floor to push back the poison.

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Be careful, as this effect is only temporary so you’ll need to find the next Acolyte to kill. Standing in these pools of Light will allow you a direct line-of-fire on Balwur. You can continue killing the Acolytes of Balwur to move the safe spot in the poison over to where the Acolyte died. Due to this battle being primarily long-ranged, it’s recommended to use heavy hitting weapons like Snipers, Rocket Launchers, Heavy Machine Guns, or Sleeper Simulant.


After defeating each of the three bosses for the Tier 3 Court of Oryx, you will receive one Calcified Fragment per boss. Defeating Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota rewards XLVII: Apocalypse Refrains, defeating Kagoor rewards XLIX: Forever And A Blade, and defeating Balwur rewards XLVIII: aiat, aiat, aiat, aiat, aiat.

Not to mention that farming the Court of Oryx Tier 3 bosses also rewards copious amounts of Blue Engrams, which can either decrypt into Rare or Legendary, Strange Coins, or Motes of Light. Keep an eye out for those Legendary Engrams as well, because they are often pre-decrypted Artefacts that can drop at Light Level 335!

To ensure that you are continually pushing the limits of the Light Level the Artefacts, equip your best gear and ensure to equip or Infuse any Artefact that outranks your current one.

If you followed this Court of Oryx Tier 3 boss guide, you should find yourself the owner of three new Calcified Fragments and well on your way to the Touch of Malice, as well as a proud owner of a new 335 Light Artefact. Court of Oryx is definitely fun with friends, but it’s a bit too difficult solo, should Destiny have more solo activities?

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