Player Makes Hilarious Bladedancer Charity Commerical

For the poor, beaten, broken Hunter Bladedancers, there may still be hope! 

Destiny has a long and convoluted history tweaks to several different elements from weapons, perks, drop rates, Raid bosses, and so on. However, one of the most controversial topics to ever come up within the Destiny community is the balancing and adjusting of subclasses, (adding a little power here, taking away a little Damage-Over-Time there). For some classes this means being burned to the ground like the former towering inferno that was the Titan Sunbreaker, but for other classes things were never too peachy to begin with.

Enter the Bladedancer. As something that was designed to be a blazing Arc storm of ninja melee damage, things seem a bit more “static shock” than “thunderstorm”.

However, thanks to the efforts of Destiny subreddit user Bizkuto, times might be changing for the Bladedancer:

“Bladedancers need your help guardians. Or maybe I'm just really bad with them. Please consider helping out. (Sarah McLachlan/SPCA Parody Video)”

Taking the issue firmly in his own hands, Bizkuto created a fantastic parody commercial to express the plight of himself and his fellow Bladedancers:

Filled with suitably cheesy music and enough failed Supers to make us wince, Bizkuto manages to capture the essence of a parody commercial with hilarious accuracy, complete with a “1-500-BNGO-PLZ” phone number. We’re definitely fans, and it’s yet another great example of the creative community of Destiny doing fantastic work.

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