How To Charge Your Agonarch Rune Guide

This guide will show you where to find the seven special Taken enemies and how fully charge your Agonarch Rune. 

The Agonarch Rune quest was added with the release of The Taken King and is a Dreadnaught-specific quest. It’s technically the first time-gated quest available to you in Destiny as each section of the Agonarch Rune must be completed across seven days. Here’s how it works. As you play through the Dreadnaught on Patrol a Taken invasion will occur where the sky darkens and a thick fog rolls in. After killing a few waves of Taken, a named-Taken will appear.

After killing this Yellow-bar enemy you will receive your first Agonarch Rune; wait around until the event repeats, then kill the named-Taken once more to get your first of seven charges. To fully charge the Agonarch Rune, you will need to visit the Dreadnaught each day for seven days to hunt down and kill the seven special Taken enemies. A different Taken enemy is available after each daily reset. Once the Agonarch Rune is fully charged, you will need to take it deep into The Founts and insert it into a stand. This will activate an event that, once completed, will lead you to a reward!

Dakkadi - Knight

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Dakkadi is one of seven Taken enemies that will help charge your Agonarch Rune. To find him, head from Patrol spawn through to the Mausoleum. You’ll find him near the ship where you enter to get to the Shield Brother’s Strike.

Gurroth - Knight

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Gurroth is a Taken Knight that can be found in the Hull Breach to the right of Patrol spawn.

Surnon, Darksong - Wizard

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Surnon, Darksong is a Taken Wizard that can be found in the Hull Breach. Be careful, Taken Wizards are vicious!

Gornith - Knight

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Gornith can be found in the Mausoleum, be sure to look for Taken spawning.

Purtra, the False Tongue - Wizard

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Purtra, the False Tongue is a Taken Wizard and one of the seven available Taken enemies that will charge the Agonarch Rune. She can be found in the Mausoleum near the ship you enter to get to the Shield Brother’s Strike.

Aarta - Knight

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Aarta is a Taken Knight that can be found in the Hull Breach, right at Patrol spawn. He will be located in the lower section of the area near the cliff.

Tortured Wizard

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The Tortured Wizard doesn’t get a name like the other Taken soldiers, but she is just as deadly. To find her begin Patrol and head over to the ship’s loading bay.

Activate the Agonarch Rune: Dumuzod

After killing the seventh named Taken your Agonarch Rune will be completely charged. Now it’s time to use it. To do this, you will need to make your way to The Founts. The entrance to The Founts can be found near the far end of the Mausoleum near the disappearing platforms.

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After reaching The Founts, drop down into the basement and make your way around the circuit until you find a hole in the wall.

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Head through the hole and use the Hive stand you see before you. Doing so will activate the final sequence. After doing this, follow the markers as they direct you into the open room to a spot on the ground. Standing here will begin the final stand. This section consists of three different waves of Taken, you will be fighting each of the seven named-Taken you defeated throughout the week, along with one final boss.

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Stick to the sides of the room and be sure to stay in cover as standing out in the open is never a good strategy. If you’re struggling, you can invite two friends into your Fireteam to help you dispatch the Taken. Be cautious in this area as the three Wardens will also continue to spawn, adding to the number of enemies dealing damage to you.

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After all seven named-Taken are defeated, you must fight the final challenger Dumuzod, an Ultra Knight (remember to use those Three of Coins)! After you defeat Dumuzod, your reward will spawn. The chest contains Calcified Fragment XXXVI: Eater of Hope, Moldering Shards, Hadium Flakes, Rare Engrams, and Motes of Light. If you followed this guide, you will have fully charged your Agonarch Rune, taken it to The Founts to activate a battle sequence, defeated all Taken challengers, and then claimed your prize!

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