Destiny Player Encounters Oblivious Sniper

One player is so focused on scoping that he doesn’t notice the Hunter standing right behind him. 

Sniping in Destiny can be intense, and requires a lot of focus and precise aim in order to take down your targets. However, you might want to make sure that while you’re scoped in you don’t become oblivious to the world around you. Case in point, a video recently posted to the Official Destiny subreddit showcasing one guardian scoping just a little bit too hard.

Posted by user Nextbignothin, he notes:

“A streamer I follow,Chrisg2003bt, had this happen to him in trials this week. This dude was clearly focused on scoping hard.”

He goes on to provide links to the video, gif, and mobile-friendly gif so that every member of the community can watch as player Sinister Cooks learns a valuable lesson about checking your surroundings. Namely, when someone activates an Arc Blade right behind you it’s probably a good idea to turn around and make sure that was a teammate, and not an enemy who has just discovered your location.

User Miccles comments: “Times like this make me wish Destiny had a kill cam lol.”

And DxAshram asks an important question:

“How... How do you not hear the little noise it makes when you activate Arc Blade?”

You can watch everything unfold in the video below:

For those of you who don’t want to sit through the entire video you can check out this gif, or for those of you on mobile, this mobile-friendly gif.

Source: Reddit

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