Super Good Advice Exotic Machine Gun Review: Perks and Build Guide

Everything you need to know about the Exotic Machine Gun, Super Good Advice and its perks and stats!

One of only two Exotic Machine Guns in the universe of Destiny, the Super Good Advice has had an interesting history. From the lore of Destiny, the weapon was designed as a companion to offer comfort to its former owner, the paranoid Pahanin Errata, who loathed travelling alone. Much to the consternation of some members of the community the gun is silent in our own hands, but for the Super Good Advice actions speak louder than words. Capable of laying down a terrifying torrent of suppressing fire, Super Good Advice occupies an interesting niche for many players. We’ll be comparing the Super Good Advice with its fellow Exotic Machine Gun, Thunderlord, as well as the well-loved Legendary, Qullim’s Terminus.

Super Good Advice Base Stat Analysis

Rate of Fire - 88

Spitting lead at a mind-boggling rate, the Super Good Advice has an impressive Rate of Fire of 88, outclassing both the Thunderlord and Qullim’s Terminus, which are tied at 66. While a high Rate of Fire is expected for a Machine Gun, the Super Good Advice goes above and beyond to deliver a hail of gunfire – however, such things often require balancing so while the Rate of Fire may be excessive there will be penalties elsewhere.

Impact - 29

At 29, the Impact for the Super Good Advice is somewhat low, especially compared to the monstrous 53 of both Thunderlord and Qullim’s Terminus. As we said, the Rate of Fire for Super Good Advice requires balancing, and the Impact is one of the stats affected. As such, Super Good Advice becomes a high Rate of Fire, low Impact Machine Gun, an interesting (if occasionally inaccurate) weapon archetype.

Range - 14

The base stat here for Super Good Advice is somewhat disappointing, however through perk choices this pitiful 14 can be boosted to something more usable. It’s still effectively in line with the 15 Range of the Qullim’s Terminus, however both are substantially outclassed by the 32 of Thunderlord.

Stability - 41

While somewhat disappointing in comparison to its fellows, the 41 Stability of the Super Good Advice is more than acceptable even if it does flag behind the joint 51 of both Thunderlord and Qullim’s Terminus. Recoil control can be the bigger issue for Super Good Advice, but once again the choice of perks can save the situation.

Reload - 22

Also disappointing, the Super Good Advice sits at a pretty low 22. We definitely recommend picking some armor that boosts Machine Gun reload. That being said, perk choice can once again affect the Reload of the Super Good Advice, and the nature of the Exotic perk means that the lack of Reload speed may not be a huge issue. While still low, the Super Good advice does outclass the Qullim’s Terminus at 15, but pales beneath the 46 of Thunderlord.

Magazine - 35

For a high Rate of Fire, low Impact Machine Gun, you would be right to be horrified by the low magazine capacity of the Super Good Advice at 35, especially when compared to the juggernaut of Qullim’s Terminus on 58 and the hard-hitting Thunderlord on 49. Typically, this would leave the Super Good Advice dead in the water, but things aren’t quite as they seem, considering the unique function of the weapon’s Exotic Perk.

Base Stat Conclusion

On paper, the Super Good Advice looks like a loser. Its stats are mediocre in the extreme, failing to deliver in many areas. The Rate of Fire is the only substantial stat on the board, and even that is semi-hampered by the lower Impact (although it’s clear this was functionally intended). If this was a Legendary weapon, we would certainly be telling you to avoid picking it up at all costs. Thankfully the Super Good Advice has a redeeming feature or two if we take a look to the perks.

Super Good Advice Perk Analysis

Exotic Perk – Super Good Advice Missed shots may be returned to the magazine

Landed shots may be replaced in the magazine from your reserves. Typically we would look at any perk that uses words like “may” or “chance” or anything else that would denote only a possibility of something happening and immediately tell you to avoid it. That’s far from the case for the Super Good Advice and its eponymous Exotic perk. Nearly every single missed shot of the Super Good Advice is returned to the magazine. That is not an exaggeration, the overwhelming majority of shots that don’t hit a target are sent straight back to the clip to be fired again. This makes the Super Good Advice an absolute wonder for suppressing fire, and allows you to spray from the hip like you’re some sort of space-age Rambo.

Selectable Ballistics Perks – Smooth Ballistics/Soft Ballistics/CQB Ballistics

Immediately discount Soft Ballistics. While it may reduce recoil, it also hampers the weapon’s Impact,which is something you really don’t want to do with the Super Good Advice and its already meager Impact stat. CQB Ballistics is a better choice, but is also best avoided considering the fact that it also reduces Recoil to a much higher degree than Soft Ballistics, but also drastically reduces Range which is another stat the Super Good Advice could do without extra penalties to. Instead, we recommend sticking with Smooth Ballistics. It may increase Recoil, but it keeps the Range up, and considering the Exotic Perk of the Super Good Advice, accuracy isn’t everything.

Middle Perk – Crowd Control Kills with this weapon grant bonus damage

Useful for both Crucible and PvE, Crowd Control is an often sought-after perk capable of huge swathes of damage and destruction. Particularly useful for the Super Good Advice and its low Impact, Crowd Control allows you to tear through PvE hordes with little issue, and can allow you to rack up multiple kills in the Crucible if used well.

Selectable Stat Perks – Single Point Sling/Hand Loaded/Flared Magwell

While each of these perks is viable and a decent choice, we feel Single Point Sling is the weakest of the bunch. While it’s always useful to be able to move faster while aiming, it’s not enough of a benefit to trade off on the other two. Flared Magwell is a better choice, augmenting the Reload speed of the Super Good Advice, but considering the Exotic Perk, this isn’t particularly vital. Instead, we recommend Hand Loaded in order to increase the Range of the Super Good Advice.

The Last Word

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, at first glance the Super Good Advice is pretty awful, with mediocre stats all around. However, as with any Exotic weapon, it’s the Exotic Perk that makes all the difference. While not wildly popular, the Super Good Advice actually has its moments to shine. In PvE you become something of a one man army, and in the Crucible, you become capable of supporting the team with suppressing fire, or rampaging gleefully thanks to Crowd Control. Perk synergy within this weapon in on point, delivering in most of the necessary areas, and most importantly, the Super Good Advice is just fun. You might not be the best on your Fireteam with it, but you should have an absolute blast. In conclusion, the Super Good Advice excels in PvE, should not be underestimated in PvP, but is unlikely to be your first choice. We’ll be giving it a respectable 3/5 Exotic Engrams!

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