Xur May 13-15 - Twilight Garrison, Super Good Advice, The Stag, Achlyophage Symbiote

We answer the tough question, Should I buy what Xur is selling?

Xur is back to show off his wares, and unfortunately the Agent Of The Nine’s offering is underwhelming at best. You can find him in the hall of the Vanguard, right near the Crucible Quartermaster. Last week, Xur brought Suros Regime, The Crest Of Alpha Lupi, Heart Of The Praxic Fire and Young Ahamkara’s Spine. Now for this week.

Should You Buy Super Good Advice?

This is a seemingly interesting weapon but only has one proper viable use, and that is to shoot bosses for a long time and even in that spot, it needs a lot of time and rounds to outshine other viable DPS dealers. So if you can guarantee that you will land hits and have somewhere in the range of 10 seconds to deal damage, break out Super Good Advice. More likely though you will want to stick to more precise weapons like Black Spindle. For PVP, leave super good advice at home. Its low range and stability make it near impossible to outclass other Exotic heavy weapons. PASS.

Should you buy Twilight Garrison? 45 Intellect / 48 Strength

This is one of the most coveted Titan exotics, for good reason. Its Exotic perk allows you to dash in a direction of your choosing while in the air. For well seasoned Titans, it is a game changer. Additionally, you can use it with any subclass. If you missed it for sale a few weeks back, don’t let it slip away this time. I would suggest purchasing, but then buying the Twilight Garrison from the Exotic armor kiosk, as that version has an Intellect/Discipline roll. Also, check out our Exotic Review for this awesome Titan armor.

Should You Buy The Stag? 31 Intellect / 24 Strength

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This Exotic is best suited for PVP players, and even then isn’t as viable as the perks suggest. One of its perks gives a chance for an overshield when respawning, but the chance of actually getting one is fairly low. Its duration isn’t really long enough to give you a big advantage when you do get one. The other perk gives you the opportunity to charge your Super much quicker when you are the last member of your fireteam, giving you a possible opportunity to turn the tides of a Trials Of Osiris match. In practice, this helm isn’t as viable as other Warlock pieces, but it looks badass. I would pass unless you want to look like a dead deer. PASS

Should You Buy Achlyophage Symbiote? 56 Intellect

This is specifically for Gunslingers, and allows you an extra golden gun shot. Seems awesome right? Well unfortunately, this helmet also reduces the amount of time your super lasts, giving you less time to take more shots. Skilled gunslingers might be able to make use of the extra use, but this helm does not do you many favors otherwise. It might work in PVP with a support Guardian feeding you orbs, making this helm is extremely situational. If you are a die hard Gunslinger, grab it and play around, otherwise, PASS.

If you passed on all of these, don't worry there is still hope for you. You should definitely grab all the Three of Coins you can handle, or use your strange coins to buy heavy ammo synths to rank up factions. Each coin gets you 3 heavy ammo synths, which get you 25 rep a piece. Not bad.

If you want to check out some more exotics, why not enjoy our review of Dragon's Breath, the Exotic Heavy weapon? If you need strange coins, check out all of the ways you can farm them in year two!

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