This Unfortunate Warlock Ran Into The Wrong Titan

As this Titan uses his Super to go into a rampage one aspiring Warlock finds themselves straight out of luck.

A great day for one Titan spells a terrible day for this unfortunate Warlock. In the clip we watch as the Titan activates his Hammer of Sol Super and goes on a brutal rampage as he scores kill after devastating kill. One aspiring Warlock tries to drop his own Super, Nova Bomb, and gets killed twice in the process. You can almost hear his inner screams of frustration watching himself perish in the animation not once, but twice.

The Titan in question, Skywalker5757, goes on to earn a First Place Kill, and four consecutive kills in a row. Which is an impressive display of pure Titan force, unfortunately we still can’t help but sympathize with the Warlock who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. The video, posted to the official Destiny subreddit, has garnered over 941 upvotes with many of the commentary sympathizing with the Warlock while also commending the Titan on his impressive gameplay.

User MasterOfReality sums up what the Warlock was likely thinking:


While G3vonGordon compliments the Titan on his destruction:

“I only saw the "First Place Kill" after I had watched it about 15 times. So much burning.”

While user ManElegant states what many of us think prior to clicking on these clips:

“Any time I click these I silently say "please don't be me, please god don't be me".”

You can watch Skywalker5757’s full rampage in the video below:

Or if you prefer a more condensed version, you can view a gif of the carnage here

Also be sure to check out the post on the official Destiny subreddit to read some of the hilarious commentary!

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