Destiny's Challenge of the Elders: Week 5 Guide

This guide will show you how to hit the High Score in Challenge of the Elders Week 5.

What is Challenge of the Elders?

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Challenge of the Elders is a Level 42 activity with a recommended Guardian Light Level of 320, set in the Prison of Elders over three rounds, facing three different bosses, with three different modifiers! Earn points by killing enemies to try and hit the High Score in a single run. Doing so earns you a weapon with a Light Level up to 335. Don’t stop there, because if you manage to hit a Cumulative Score of 90,000 before the end of the week, you will earn yourself a piece of armor up to Light Level 335. 

Challenge of the Elders Week

The modifiers for this week’s Challenge of the Elders are: Melee Kill Bonus Airborne Chaff Punch, Slap, Stab week: Melee kills are worth double and you deal more damage while in the air. But watch out, because your radar is disabled.

Recommended Builds and Playstyle

We had the Melee Kills Bonus only two weeks ago! This is the first repeat of the four potential modifiers: Super, Precision, Grenade, and Melee. Unless for some reason Bungie decides to make Normal Kills, Assists, or Orbs of Light worth twice as much. This is the lowest possible score generator (aside from the three previously mentioned), clocking in at 70, 140, and 210 points per kill in rounds one, two, and three respectively. As always, assign two players to get assists. This is the Golden Rule of Challenge of the Elders.

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Two people must be trying for assists as it will maximise your scoring potential, and will help you get to that High Score of 30,000 faster! Striker Titans, this is your week to shine. With the Overload perk enabled, every hit with Storm Fist has a chance to immediately reset its cooldown, all while Transfusion helps keep you in the action by triggering health regeneration on kill.

If you’re a Striker Titan, you should be the one who’s aiming to get the melee kills while your two teammates focus on assists. Hunters, as always Nightstalker is a powerhouse when it comes to passive Orb generation. If a group of enemies are surrounding your Titan, throw down a Tether (being sure to have Black Hole and Light of the Pack enabled) and watch as you receive assist after assist, and Orb of Light after Orb of Light.

Warlocks, while you don’t have as many team oriented builds, your best bet would be Sunsinger focusing on Sunburst: Killing an enemy with Scorch generates an Orb of Light. Stormcaller is excellent due to the long range of melee thanks to Amplitude, while Voidwalker can take advantage of the instant health regeneration of The Ram. As for loadout, use Monte Carlo. Any damage you deal to the Boss will directly affect your melee’s cooldown time, and any enemy you accidently kill has a chance to immediately regenerate that melee charge.

If you’re planning on being the player gathering assists and you don’t have Monte Carlo, use another low impact weapon like Auto Rifles or Sidearms. Titans, Peregrine Greaves are excellent this week with Airborne active. Warlocks and Hunters, the choice is yours, though you will want to select something that enhances your melee, like Claws of Ahamkara or Khepri’s Sting. In the final round, if you’re ensuring the two teammates tasked with gathering assists are getting those assists (and if you’ve got an Artifact that has an appropriate Melee kill perk), you can expect 420 points per kill. A far cry from the 510 potential points from a Super Bonus week, but every point generation method is needed to hit the High Score in Challenge of the Elders!

How to beat Val Aru’un

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Val Aru’un is located in the Cabal arena, so make your way to the left and set up shop in the little crescent. This boss is technically four, as three Psion Flayers also spawn with the ability to shield the boss. In order to deal any damage to Val Aru’un, take note of the damage-type shield, then find the appropriate Psion and kill it. Doing so will remove the shield. Rinse and repeat this process until all the Psions are dead. Rumor has it that you can kill all the Psions before they even shield him.

How to beat Seditious Mind

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Seditious Mind is the second boss in this week’s Challenge of the Elders and takes place in the Vex arena. For this, you’ll want to hold up on the right side of the arena, as Seditious Mind will have a tough time hitting you with its Void cannons, and the Goblins will just shuffle up to you. Aside from Void cannons, Seditious Mind can summon a Blight Bomb after highlighting a ring on the ground. Be careful, as this deals extreme amounts of damage. If you’re the point scorer, you may need to sweep down through the middle of the map like a pendulum in order to kill any stragglers.

How to beat Keksis, the Betrayed

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Keksis, the Betrayed is the final boss and takes place in the Fallen arena, the largest arena out of all of them. One of the most effective places to hold out is to the right of the entrance near the engine. However, if you become overrun you can sweep to the left of the arena. Keksis’ main ability is to summon a Corrupted Light in close proximity to his person. These are similar in appearance to the Corrupted Light in the King’s Fall raid though they perform a different action. If left alone they will drain your Super and suppress you.

To avoid this, send one person to stand in the Corrupted Light in order to defuse it, preferably one of the teammates assigned to gathering assists to ensure the point scorer can keep moving. Watch out for his Blinding Orb attack, he loves to throw it repeatedly. Not only does it blind you, but also deals loads of damage. If you followed the guide, you should now find yourself well over the High Score threshold for Challenge of the Elders and on your way to the Cumulative Score! See if you can get featured on This Week At Bungie by achieving the highest High Score.

If you think getting featured is an impressive feat, you should check out Esoterickk1’s who was the first to beat Solo Oryx on Hard Mode! Speaking of raiding, Bungie has announced their Twitch Stream Schedule where they will be doing a King’s Fall raid Ride Along.

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