Esoterickk1 Becomes First Player to Beat Solo Oryx Hard Mode

Esoterickk1 becomes the first player to beat the final raid boss solo on hard mode and shares his knowledge of just how it was done. 

If you have ever had dreams of killing Oryx in Hard Mode without the help of a team, one Destiny player proves the impossible is possible. Not only has he become the first player to ever beat Oryx solo on Hard Mode, he also recorded it and provided tips for hopeful Guardians looking to achieve the same!

According to Esoterickk1 in their post on Bungie’s community forum, as well as their subsequent post to the official Destiny subreddit, this would not have been possible prior to the April Update. So if you’ve tried and failed this task before, you may just want to give it another go as the April Update has given a 335 Sleeper the ability to stagger Oryx. Which is one of the keys to accomplishing this coveted solo Hard Mode kill.

Esoterickk1 explains that he used the double Fusion Grenade and the Firebolt/Sleeper shot, the latter making it easier to “group the Ogres” into a stack of four. One of the main strategies to focus on is speed considering how the knights spawn incredibly fast, and you’re given an extremely slim window to get the bombs off. Tackling this solo will also require additional Primary shots to chip away at the Ogres’ health, enough to allow you to use the Fusion Grenade strategy.

Esoterickk1 talks about the difficulty of defeating Oryx on Hard Mode:

“It was a difficult challenge, I spent 20-25 hours working on this over the last week. Definitely a big step up from normal mode. Also to note, I had a closed chest for this and managed to kill it without an immune. I pre-charged and went as close to the edge as possible, aiming towards the top of him.”

Esotericck1 lists the requirements in his Reddit post which include the following:

  • 335 Sleeper Simulant
  • 333-335 Warlock
  • 333-335 1000 Yard Stare with Triple Tap
  • Starfire Protocol Chest (for extra Special Ammo, especially if you’re using the Fusion Grenade Strategy)
  • Increased Sniper Ammo Boots
  • Increased Sniper Reload Speed Gloves

You can read Esoterickk1’s full Reddit post here.

And be sure to check out his full video below!

Congrats Esoterickk1 for achieving such an incredibly difficult feat, one that will certainly inspire other solo Guardians! 

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