Challenge of the Elders: Week 4 Guide

This guide will help you hit the High Score in Challenge of the Elders Week 4.

What is Challenge of the Elders?

Challenge of the Elders is a Level 42 activity with a recommended Light Level of 320. It pits you against three different bosses over three rounds, with three different modifiers in place. You earn points by killing enemies with the main goal of hitting the High Score in a single run. Hitting the 30,000 High Score will earn you a weapon from Variks, and if you hit the 90,000 Cumulative Score over the course of the week you’ll earn a new piece of armor.

Challenge of the Elders Week 4

The modifiers for this week’s Challenge of the Elders are:

  • Super Kill Bonus
  • Brawler
  • Ironclad

Chain your Supers together and prepare to face more shielded enemies than you’re used to. Fortunately, you're able to hit a little harder this week.

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Recommended Builds and Playstyle

This week’s Challenge of the Elders has the highest valued scoring option available (except for Ultra Kills), Super Kills. Super Kills are usually worth a maximum of 150, however this week the maximum has been increased to 300. In order to get the most out of each kill assign two players the primary goal of getting Assists, and the final player to act as the role of point scorer. In the final round this will equate to a whopping 510 points per kill assuming you get can get two assists, get the Super Kill, and generate an Orb of Light. Due to the high value attached to Super Kills, you should have no problem getting thousands of points per Super in the final round.

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Even if someone who isn’t the primary point scorer should use their Super when the pointer scorer does, especially if it’s a Nightstalker Tether. By using your Supers simultaneously, you will be able to earn more points per kill and also help recharge each other’s next Super. If for some reason the point scorer doesn’t have their Super ready when a new round of reinforcements enters hand the role over to someone else, or wait until their for their Super to be ready. If you have to kill something without using your Super, try for precision kills as these are the kill types with the next highest value.

While you’re at it, ensure you’re using Bad Juju so that each kill goes directly toward charging up your Super. Every player should aim to equip a piece of armor with the Angel of Mercy Perk. The Perk helps recharge your Super whenever you revive another player. Any time a player is without their Super and there are no Orbs of Light around (and the next wave of Reinforcements hasn’t begun), the other two players should continually die and allow the player without their Super to revive them. The aim is to continually have your Supers available. After defeating a boss, hang around in its room until Variks teleports you, this way you can gain an extra 30 seconds of Super recharging without Variks becoming Impatient.

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As for preferred classes, the Stormcaller is an absolute beast when it comes to sheer lethal power and duration of their Super.

The Perks to focus on this week are:

  • Transcendence (increased duration)
  • Electrostatic Mind (passive Super recharge near allies)
  • Rising Storm (melee on-hit Super charge)
  • Superconductor (more lightning equates to more points)

Hunters should be using Nightstalker as their tether can keep enemies locked in one location, while Light of the Pack generates an insane amount of Orbs of Light. Make sure you’re using Black Hole for the increased range, duration, and amount of enemies shackled. Titans, you can either be the backup point scorer with Sunbreaker, or you can help generate Orbs of Light by using Defender. Blessing of Light on the bubble will help everyone survive longer, especially your main point scorer.

Gift of Light will help with the passive Orb of Light generation, while Gift of the Void typically generates an additional three Orbs of Light. Your best bet is to place the Ward of Dawn in the direct line of fire of the boss and enemies. This will draw their fire and allow the point scorer to get to work! If you can manage it, everyone should wear either an Alpha Lupi or Light Beyond Nemesis piece of armor. It makes a small difference, but the extra Orbs of Light could potentially help push your score over the edge.

How to Beat Overmind Minotaur

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The Overmind Minotaur’s main attack is to Spot you and then Detain you in a shield. If you become Spotted by the Overmind Minotaur, quickly severe the connection by hiding behind a wall or crouching behind a rock. If you find yourself Detained, it can be quicker (and more beneficial to teammates with the Angel of Mercy perk) for you to slowly walk out of your detainment field and die.

How to Beat Sylok, the Defiled

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The best place to stay is directly below the cliff face at the entrance. Doing so will prevent Sylok from hitting you with his Napalm attack, and will ensure spawning enemies see you and come running. Any time you need to recharge your Super and there are no Orbs of Light or enemies, get your teammates to walk up to the right so Sylok can see them. Doing this will cause him to fire Napalm their way, which kills extremely quickly, and is a great method of rapidly charging a Super.

How to Beat Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx

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This week's brand new boss! This boss is the last of the eight bosses included in Challenge of the Elders. Unfortunately, this boss is pretty bland. It offers no new abilities that we didn’t already see with Taken variant Centurions. It has a Quake foot-stomp, along with the Darts that home in, and the standard Cabal slug gun. Stay away from his feet, and shoot down the Darts. One of the best places to hide is to the left of the entrance in the alcove.

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The Taken will typically populate the area between you and the raised center of the map. If you’re a Defender Titan and everyone is preparing to use their Supers, jump up on the railing and place your Ward of Dawn. Doing so will draw the enemy fire, helping your teammates sweep down and clear house with their Supers. If you followed the guide, you should now find yourself well over the High Score threshold for Challenge of the Elders and on your way to the Cumulative Score.

Now go prepare for the return of Xur this weekend by farming Strange Coins in the fastest way possible! Are you happy with the way Destiny is evolving, or do you have ideas of what should be included next time? Check out the five features we want to see in Destiny 2.

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