Destiny User Creates Community Montage

The Destiny Reddit community banded together to help one user create an amazing game montage.

Not everyone has the editing skills, software, or the time to put together a quickscoping, Super-spamming, would-be MLG montage of their favorite video gaming highlights. Often, it’s a labor of love to show off your best and brightest moments, and it certainly isn’t for everyone. Because of this, one enterprising user of the Destiny Subreddit, Jv_ (who goes by jazvdb on YouTube), decided to give back to his community by volunteering his time and effort to create a montage featuring different user-submitted clips from the subreddit. With the Destiny community unanimously praising his efforts. Here’s what Jv_ had to say about the montage itself titled “We Love/Hate Destiny”:

“About a week ago, I made a thread, basically asking this subreddit to send in their clips to make a so called community montage. Why? Well mainly for fun and because I wanted to try something new. So here it is, our very first PvP community montage! This was a nightmare yet at the same time, a really fun project. Hope you guys enjoy!” Well, we certainly did enjoy it.

You can check out the full montage below:


The community was thrilled seeing their clips displayed in all of their well-edited glory, with the post garnering over 151 upvotes and 60 comments in just 5 hours. Placing it solidly on the front page of the subreddit, and inspiring other users to begin working on their own community montages. We hope Jv_’s awesome work goes on to inspire other content creators, and we’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for more spectacular PvP community montages in future!

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