Destiny Player Creates In Game Soundpack Using Only His Voice

Where can we download? I was getting tired of Shaxx anyway.

This Guardian does something we really have never heard before, he replaces all of the in game Crucible sounds using only the power of his voice. (insert really bad Skyrim joke here) The result is a hilarious video that makes you really appreciate the time and effort Bungie put into making excellent sounds to complement the visuals of Destiny. Check out the video here:

As you can see, MrElephante includes almost all of the sounds, from his tame impression of Shaxx, to the drumbeat that occurs when the end of the match is imminent. I am still trying to figure out what sound he is replicating at :48 seconds though. He also has a pretty incredible match of Iron Banner Rift, igniting two rifts, and well on his way to spiking a third. After some research, it turns out MrElephante has an entire youtube channel, with a whole playlist dedicated to using his voice to replicate in game sounds. He has footage from the Destiny beta, Call of Dufy, Titanfall, and Halo 5:

We suggest checking out his entire playlist if you are laughing as much as we are.

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