Destiny Player Creates HUDless Dreg Mockumentary

Dregs are the main subject of a new user-created Destiny Mockumentary filmed using the new HUDless feature.

Often seen as the lowest lifeform in Destiny’s universe, the Dreg are regularly despised. These poor creatures are treated as cannon fodder by their own kind, and target practice by ours. However, one Destiny Reddit user by the name of AntFaace made them the subject of a hilarious Mockumentary utilizing the HUDless settings feature implemented in the recent April Update. Here’s what he had to say:

“With the new option to play the game HUDless, I decided to try my hand at a little David Attenborough-type mockumentary about the Fallen Dreg. I tried to incorporate a little bit of the grimoire where possible and if people seem to like it there may be more on the way.”

While AntFaace refers to this video as a simple Mockumentary, we feel that he’s not giving himself enough credit. The video is actually packed full of interesting, factual information about Dregs, their position in the Fallen hierarchy, and the rituals they have to endure. All taken straight from the Grimoire and delivered in a humorous way. AntFaace even discusses their weapons and tactics, but of course he also can't resist taking a little jab at the Dregulus Ineptus and their poor AI. 


We feel that AntFaace perfectly emulates the style of the British Naturalist Sir David Attenborough, and the countless documentaries he’s made across the years. Even down to copying Attenborough’s speech pattern and unique style flawlessly. This application of the new HUDless feature is extremely innovative, considering how up until now the majority of its use has been for taking screenshots of Destiny’s stunning panoramas. Extremely creative and interesting, we certainly hope to see more like it in the future. Thankfully, it seems AntFaace has the same thing in mind:

“Yeah I'm planning to make more to cover all the main enemies in the game, especially if people seem to like the videos.”

We await the day he gets up close and personal with a Hive Ogre!

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