How To Farm Glimmer in Destiny

Everything you need to know about getting lots of Glimmer in Destiny Year Two.

In this video we talk about Glimmer, Ghosts and consumables in Destiny: The Taken King. When Bungie released the 2.0 patch with The Taken King, they changed the way Guardians earn Glimmer. Glimmer can now only be earned from using a consumable or having a specific ghost shell equipped. 

There are four types of consumables that grant glimmer when killing a race of enemies. Black Wax Idols for the Hive, Ether Seeds for the Fallen, Resupply Codes for the Cabal and Blue Polyphage for the Vex.  Ghost shell perks are new to year two and there are three main ghost shells every Destiny player should have: the Vanguard ShellKingslayer Shell and Dread Explorer Shell.

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The Vanguard Shell earns Glimmer from killing Hive enemies and can be purchased from the Vanguard in the tower. The Kingslayer Shell earns Glimmer from killing Taken enemies and drops in the Kings Fall Raid, while the Dread Explorer Shell earns Glimmer when killing Fallen enemies, and is a reward from a Dead Orbit quest in The Taken King campaign. 

There is no legendary Ghost Shell for the Vex or Cabal unless you have access to the Frontier Shell. If you want to earn Glimmer from the Vex or Cabal enemies you will need to use a consumable. This is actually good thing. Black Wax Idols and Ether Seeds are incredibly useful because they act as currency with some of the vendors, so do not use them to earn Glimmer. Black Wax Idols can be used to purchase Runes for the Court of Oryx from Eris in the Tower. Ether Seeds can be used to purchase cheap heavy ammo synths from Variks in the Reef for 250 Glimmer plus one Ether Seed. 

This is much cheaper than buying Heavy Ammo synths for 950 Glimmer from the Gunsmith in the Tower. Ether seeds end up being worth 700 Glimmer each, so don’t waste them on earning Glimmer. We use extra heavy synths to rank up our factions,  you can read more about that in our guide on how to earn reputation quickly in Year Two . Remember, save those Black Wax Idols and Ether Seeds to use with Variks and Eris. 

Now, onto farming areas in year two. In year one there was the famous Exclusion Zone farming area, but Bungie patched this out when they released update 2.0. It seems they want people to play the game more organically and tried to eliminate farming. Also, we think there is a Glimmer cool down timer. We discovered this after trying to find a new farming area when we noticed enemies would not grant Glimmer even if we had the correct Ghost Shell or a consumable active. 

The area we had in mind was The Kell Rising mission from the House of Wolves DLC because at the end of the mission there are tons of Fallen majors and a Death Zone where we could reset the cycle like the Exclusion Zone. After earning about 200 glimmer, we noticed the enemies stopped granting it. We thought this had something to do with the Ghost Shell so we tried using a consumable and glimmer was still not being dropped. We thought maybe it was just those enemies at that one section, similar to how glimmer can’t be earned in most of the areas in the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End raid. We then went to an area where we knew supplied an endless amount of enemies, the beginning part of the King’s Fall Raid. Rather than starting the raid with the relics, we ran to the left and across the bridge. Four Hive Acolytes will spawn out of one of the two doors over and over. Each Acolyte gave us five Glimmer, and after we earned about 200 Glimmer they stopped forking it over. We thought this was odd and attempted to figure out why. We didn’t kill an enemy for about 10 seconds and they started to drop Glimmer again, but this time we only received about 50 Glimmer before it stopped. 

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This leads us to believe there is some sort of cool down or cap on the amount of Glimmer you can earn in a certain amount of time. If this is true, there is no way to quickly earn Glimmer by farming. If you think otherwise, feel free to leave a comment and we’d love to check out your year two Glimmer farming area. 

We think the best bet for earning Glimmer involves running strikes. We experimented with running Heroic strikes, Level 36 strikes and Level 20 strikes and earned about 1000 Glimmer for each difficulty. Our advice is to run the level 20 strike a few times because it is quick to beat, you get blue engrams to break down for glimmer and materials and a chance at earning exotic engrams when you burn Three of Coins.

There are tiers in each class of enemy that grant a different amount of glimmer. For The Fallen class, Shanks and Dregs give five glimmer, Vandals eight, Captains and Servitors give 15 and all Majors offer 25. 

Below is a quick recap:

  • There is no more quick Glimmer farming in Destiny year two. Play the game as you would, but keep in mind the class of enemy you are fighting during strikes or missions and equip the appropriate Ghost Shell or consumable. 
  • Do not waste Black Wax Idols or Ether seeds on earning glimmer. Instead, use them as currency with Variks in the Reef and Eris in the Tower. 
  • Different consumables and Ghost Shell combinations can be used at the same time as long as they grant Glimmer for killing different classes of enemies. 
  • Ghost Shells and consumables for the same type of enemy do not stack for 2x the Glimmer, so don’t waste the consumable.  
  • There are no consumables for the Taken, so make sure you get that Ghost Shell from the Raid.

We hope this video helps, Guardian.