Destiny - Best New Faction Weapon Rolls Guide

The best new weapon rolls from the Vanguard, Crucible, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy. Do we have our April Update Hung Jury?

This guide is going to give you the low down on all the new must have weapons from Vendors in Destiny 2.2.0. With the new update, vendors and factions refreshed the weapons they were selling, so they have all new perks. There were a few must haves for the first few months of TTK, and now we have the next set you are going to want to get your hands on.

Vanguard Quartermaster

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Apple of Dischord - Pulse Rifle

  • Headseeker - Body shots with this weapon increase precision damage for a short time
  • Counterbalance - This weapon has increased stability

And a choice between:

  • Snapshot - Aiming this weapon is incredibly fast
  • Hand Loaded - This weapon is effective at an extended range.

You had a chance to chose Apple of Dischord as an option for completing a Vanguard quest in TTK, but this roll is about as perfect as you can hope for. Pulse rifle users rejoice.

Dead Orbit

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Hitchhiker FR4 - Fusion Rifle

  • Hidden Hand - This weapon gains better target acquisition
  • Hot Swap - Readying this weapon grants a brief period of bonus accuracy

This roll has maxed out impact. there are some tradeoffs, but with the overall Fusion Buffs, you could be seeing this weapon a lot in the Crucible.

Future War Cult

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The Villainy - Pulse Rifle

  • Perfect Balance
  • Reinforced Barrel
  • Skip Rounds
  • Headseeker 
  • Glass Half Full

This one looks to be dead accurate. Glass half full isn't a huge boon, but will help you take down multiple targets or defend yourself after a firefight.

Crucible Quartermaster

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The Smolder - Rocket Launcher

  • Tracking
  • Javelin
  • Tripod

Absolutely pick one up. Tripod means three rockets in the chamber (or as many as the crucible lets you pick up) as well as tracking. Put javelin on there and your impact radius will increase. This is a no brainer for people without a solid rocket launcher besides truth.

Also, if you are interested in the rest of the rolls, here they are:


  • An Answering Chord: High Caliber/Appended Magazine, Single Point Sling/Reinforced Barrell, Spray and Play
  • Questing Beast: Spray and Play, Fitted Stock/Oiled Frame/Will of Light, Glass Half Full
  • Apple of Discord: Headseeker, Counterbalance, Snapshot/Hand Loaded/Reinforced Barrel
  • Not Like The Others: Who's Next?, Explosive Rounds/Casket Mag/Hannibal, Third Eye
  • Down and Doubt: Mulligan, Extended Mag/Braced Frame, Triple Tap/Underdog
  • Long Far Gone: Hidden Hand, Enhanced Battery/Accelerated Coils/Will of Light, Hot Swap
  • Jabberhakke-D: Crowd Control, Battle Runner, Speed Reload/Skip Rounds/Feather Mag
  • Conspiracy Theory-D: Life Support, Single Point Sling/Reinforced Barrel/Sword of Aegus, Performance Bonus
  • 1000 yd Stare: Wildhawk/Longview/Ambush, Underdog, Armor Piercing/Oiled Frame/Malleus Maleficarum, Unflinching
  • Diluvian: Aggressive Ballistics, Eye of the Storm, Speed Reload/Reinforced Barrel/Will of Light, Persistence
  • Choleric Dragon: Life Support, Perfect Balance/Field Scout/Will of Light, Cluster Bomb

Dead Orbit

  • Paleocontact: Hip Fire, Perfect Balance/Oiled Frame/Reinforced Barrel, Icarus
  • Hung Jury: Life Support, Single Point Sling/Feather Mag, Third Eye/Danger Close
  • Hitchhiker FR4: Hidden Hand. Lightweight/Braced Frame/Oiled Frame, Hot Swap
  • Patch-A: Final Round, Kneepads, Single Point Sling/Hand Loaded/Rifled Barrel
  • Extrasolar RR4: Sightsys/Longview/Ambush, Partial Refund, Explosive Rounds/Rifled Barrel/Oiled Frame, Firefly
  • Ceres Lost BMJ-46: Grenadier, Fitted Stock/Single Point Sling/Snapshot, Cluster Bomb

Future War Cult

  • The Vanity: Third Eye, Extended Mag/Rifled Barrel, Life Support/Exhumed
  • The Villainy: Headseeker, Perfect Balance/Reinforced Barrel/Skip Rounds, Glass Half Full
  • The Vortex: Hip Fire, Lightweight/braced Frame/Accelerated Coils, Eye of the Storm
  • The Vacancy: Hot Swap, Enhanced Battery/Braced Frame, Rangefinder/Danger Close
  • The Variable: Hip Fire, Speed Reload/Oiled Frame/Armor Piercing, Army of One
  • The Vertigo: Single Point Sling/Flared Magwell, Reactive Reload, Javelin/Quickdraw

New Monarchy

  • Righteous VII: Perfect Balance/Oiled Frame, Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel, Counterbalance
  • Appellant III: Last Resort, Hand Loaded/Smallbore/Rifled Barrel, Hidden Hand
  • Conviction II: Rangefinder, Spray and Play, Hand Loaded/High Caliber/Appended Magazine
  • Burden of Proof XI: Range Finder, High Caliber/Rifled Barrel/Hand-Laid Stock, Final Round
  • Antinomy XVI: ATA Scout, Surplus, Partial Refund, Explosive Rounds/Quickdraw/Injection Mold
  • Objection IV: Counterbalance, High Caliber/Oiled Frame/Smallbore, Rangefinder

Crucible Quartermaster

  • Dealbreaker: Crowd Control, Counterbalance, High Caliber/Speed Reload/Braced Frame
  • Antipodal Hindsight: Rodeo, Fitted Stock/Injection Mold/Rifled Barrel, Hidden Hand
  • Hawksaw: Fitted Stock/Oiled Frame, Counterbalance, Single Point Sling/Smallbore
  • Last Extremity: Triple Tap, Lightweight/Casket Mag, Zen Moment/Surrounded
  • Byronic Hero: Underdog, Snapshot/Explosive Rounds/Feather Mag, Luck in the Chamber
  • Panta Rhei: Knee Pads, Enhanced Battery/Rifled Barrel/Feather Mag, Rangefinder
  • The Next Big Thing: Smooth/Accurized Ballistics, Crowd Control, Full Auto, Single Point Sling/Perfect Balance/Hand-Laid Stock
  • Havoc Pigeon: Reactive Reload, Relentless Tracker, Hand Loaded/Quickdraw/Appended Magazine
  • Tau Hua Yuan: Sightsys/Viewtac/Ambush, Life Support, Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel/Smallbore, Spray and Play
  • Ruin Wake: Counterbalance, High Caliber/Braced Frame/Armor Piercing, Rangefinder

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