Bungie Release Official April Update Preview Video

Official Bungie Video Recaps all that the April Update has to offer players.

Ahead of tomorrow’s April Update, Bungie released a 4-minute-long video exploring the main features of the Update. It showcases Community Manager DeeJ, alongside a host of other Bungie staff members, who have poured heart and soul into the latest addition to the Destiny Universe.

As shown in the video, we have a whole host of new gear to earn, bad guys to kill, and shiny Chroma to collect! What is most poignant about this video, however, is how passionate Bungie’s staff are about the game. It’s not hard to see why we love the game, especially when the people creating it love it even more!

The video opens with a wide shot of the Reef, a social hub introduced in the House of Wolves expansion. Since The Taken King was released September 15th, 2015, the Reef has been somewhat derelict and forgotten. Many players only venturing there to get their Trials passages, or when Xur decides to show his face. We imagine the new April Update will revitalize the Reef, inspiring Guardians to swarm the Vestian Outpost.

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There are a lot of cinematic shots of super activation. We certainly wish our fireteams were synchronized enough to be able to activate their supers at the same time! It looks awesome to see a Stormcaller, Sunbreaker, and Nightstalker, all call upon their channelled Light at the same time. Each representing a different element, as well a different class.

DeeJ plays a big role in this video stating, “making your Guardian more powerful is a huge component to the Destiny experience. So, with the April Update the Live Team raised the Light Level up to 335.”

Not only has the Light Level cap been raised, Victoria Dollbaum, Senior Designer on the Live team, explains you now have even more paths available to reach the fabled 335 status. Crucible, Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Court of Oryx, King’s Fall, Nightfall, and Prison of Elders all lead to Light Level 335. Never before has Destiny had such a wide and diverse progression system. In fact, it is the only time in Destiny’s history that an endgame activity hasn’t directly replaced the previous activity.

There’s a lot to digest in the video. If you’re looking for a more detailed look at each component of the April Update we’ve got a primer for you to look over. Personally, I’m looking forward to applying some sweet Chroma to my gear, and taking some sweet screenshots with the new no HUD mode!

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