Destiny Bladedancer's Hit Detection Broken

Evidence that Bladedancer’s Super is broken. Why won’t you die?!

Reddit user Jv_ has posted watertight evidence that the Bladedancer Hunter Super is broken in Destiny. After an intense 1v3 battle, he manages to claw back to a 1v1 situation in the Trials of Osiris Elimination game mode with excellent use of his sniper and Last Word.  With his Super ability ready to pop, he enters Bladedancer and chases the remaining enemy around the map, with each swipe of his Super not doing any damage despite frequent close range hits. Once the Hunter's Bladedancer ability ends, and with his enemy somehow still standing, he shoots the final Warlock and rejoices for the round end.

Unfortunately the Warlock has his Super which allows him to self ressurect, and rushes Jv_ . After a quick exchange, both die simultaneously, ending the round in a draw. Coincidentally, Sunsingers will most likely be seeing a nerf very soon.

This is another rather frustrating example of the issues players are seeing while participating in Destiny's PVP activities. Bungie maintains that they are working behind the scenes to bring a better experience for all, and we hope that the April Update will remedy problems such as these.

Since Bladedancer isn’t “working as intended”, try out Nightstalker instead. We’d recommend using the Graviton Forfeit exotic helmet with your Nightstalker.

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