You Have To See This 3D Printed Gjallarhorn From Destiny

The weapon of kings… and Destiny players who bought it from Xur.

User D3DP took to the Destiny Reddit yesterday to show off his newly printed Gjallarhorn! The coveted exotic took a whopping three days to print out! From start to finish (printing and painting) it took about a week! Now that’s dedication! You can check out his video displaying the final model and the design below.

If you have a 3D printer of your own, you can download the files to print off your own Gjallarjhornor if you’d prefer to check out D3DP’s imgur album, you can do so.

Unfortunately, no amount of 3D printed Gjallarhorns will mean it makes it into Year Two. That makes us very sad indeed. We would love to get our hands on a real-life Gjallarhorn, though. Where’s the cheapest 3d printer?

There are plenty of cool exotic weapons in Destiny and we’ll tell you how to use these guns. Perhaps you favor the SUROS Regime, or maybe you’re more of a Monte Carlo player. On second thought, the Bad JuJu might be the perfect fit. Time to equip one of these bad boys, take aim and increase your body count.

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