Destiny: The Taken King – King's Fall Raid Guide

The best guide for beating the Destiny King’s Fall Raid, complete with video breakdowns for each member of your Fireteam.

This guide will tell you how to beat the King’s Fall Raid in Destiny: The Taken King. We provide tips and strategies for each part of the Raid, including the Totems, the battle against Golgoroth, the fight with the Warpriest, the Daughters of Oryx and eventually the climactic showdown with Oryx, The Taken King. Additionally you will see in-depth videos presenting all six Guardian perspectives covering the different roles. 

Destiny’s King's Fall Raid demands patience, skill and most importantly teamwork. Before you get started, make sure you and the rest of the Fireteam keep these tips in mind before sticking it to Oryx.

Choosing the Right Build

Expert raid groups contain a variety of Guardians with different builds working together. You should run whatever you’re most comfortable with, but prepare to answer the call when your team needs you to run something specific. Titans, we know you love to toss hammers and destroy the enemy, but for almost all of these fights you should be in Defender mode. Hunters will most likely rely on their Nightstalker builds to increase boss damage, and Warlocks must keep those orb hungry Titans and Hunters well fed. 

Equipping Weapons

Almost every boss battle requires damage from range with a quality sniper rifle like Black Spindle or the 1000 Yard Stare. Make sure you have one, and plenty of Special Ammo Synthesis. Heavy should almost always be a Machine Gun, which adds to your damage dealing power. For primary weapons, run whatever gives you the highest light level, but the best entry-level raid primary is the Hung Jury, sold by Dead Orbit. It has amazing perks like Firefly and almost 100 stability, making it one of the most dead accurate guns in the game. 

If you already completed the raid, you should have your Touch Of Malice or work towards getting one, as it makes several sections of the raid much easier. That said, you don’t need Touch of Malice to complete the raid. There are plenty of cool exotic weapons in Destiny and we’ll tell you how to use these guns. Perhaps you favor the SUROS Regime, or maybe you’re more of a Monte Carlo player. On second thought, the Bad JuJu might be the perfect fit. Time to equip one of these bad boys, take aim and increase your body count.

Mouldering Shards

The King's Fall Raid introduced a new item called Mouldering Shards. If you have 20 Mouldering Shards in your inventory when Oryx dies, spend them for a double end of raid drop in the final chest. Mouldering Shards only work for this purpose, and exclusively drop from chests and bosses during the raid. You can purchase some from Eris Morn at the Tower, but the large number of Hadium Flakes is not worth the payoff unless you already have an Exotic Sword and Touch of Malice, as they are required for those quest lines. Additionally, this raid contains five Calcified Fragments, so be on the lookout for those, as well as the three you receive from successfully completing Challenge Mode battles. 

All right, now that we have everything covered, you’re armed to the teeth and know what to expect, the following in-depth features will show you how to make short work of the raid.

King’s Fall Raid Walkthrough

Destiny King's Fall Raid: Court of Oryx

Begin the raid by splitting into two-person Fireteams, grabbing the Relic and killing the Taken that spawn.

Destiny King's Fall Raid: Tomb Ships, Get The Chest

Navigate your way across the giant chasm in a series of jumping puzzles, beginning with The Pendulums.

Destiny King's Fall Raid: The Totems

Divide into two teams of three Guardians and pass the buff to each player to open the big green door.

Destiny King's Fall Raid: Warpriest Boss Fight

Activate the different platforms, pick up the Brand of the Initiate and defeat the Warpriest.

King's Fall Raid - Golgoroth's Maze

Step on the pressure plates in the correct order and then open the chest.

Destiny King's Fall Raid: Golgoroth Boss Fight

Blast the orb, attract the monster’s gaze and kill Golgoroth once and for all.

Destiny King's Fall Raid: Daughters of Oryx Boss Fight

We tell you how to build the stairs, grab the relic and take down the two Daughters, Ir Hanak and Ir Anuk.

Destiny King's Fall Raid: Oryx Boss Fight

Activate each platform, shoot the Ogres, destroy all the bombs and slay Oryx to beat the King’s Fall Raid.

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