Bladedancer Subclass Guide In Destiny

Unlock your Hunter’s full potential with this expert subclass guide. 

This Destiny feature offers tips for the Hunter’s Bladedancer. This class is not that great for PvE but is fanstastic for PvP activities. This class is all about speed and deception, Guardian.

We’ll start by going over our recommended grenades. Skip Grenade works best, but the Flux Grenade is a viable option. The Flux Grenade deals the most damage so it’s good for PvE. However, the Skip Grenade is awesome in the Crucible because it splits into multiple fragments and these pieces track enemies. 

Next are the different jump options. This is a personal preference but we recommend Blink for PvP and Better Control for PvE. Occasionally you may need to switch to Higher Jump for increased height.  

For your Super, we like them all depending on the situation. One thing to note, the melee button does a simple slash and the right trigger activates the other abilities. Showstopper does a radius of damage around the Hunter and is great for mobs in PvE, but not so good for PvP. Razor’s Edge sends a straight wave of damage along the ground and is excellent for both PvP and PvE. Lastly, Vanish is great for invisibility builds in PvE and PvP.  

For your melee, all three are great. Backstab deals bonus damage for hitting an enemy in the back and is surprisingly usefully in PvP. Escape Artist makes you go invisible after a melee and works in PvE when you get into trouble and need to run. Lastly, Fast Twitch charges your melee ridiculously fast. 

For the next set of perks, we like to use Fleet Footed when creating a speedy high agility build with the shotgun. Quick Draw is great for switching weapons fast. We find it useful when using a sniper. Shadowjack increases the time you are invisible, but this is only good if you are creating an invisibility build.  

In the last column of perks, we suggest going with Stalker for invisibility builds and Hungering Blade for all other builds. Stalker allows you to go invisible when crouching, but Hungering Blade recharges your health after Arc Blade kills, which is very useful in PvP. 

We mentioned the invisibility build a few times so we want to briefly go over the perks for it. Equip Stalker, Shadowjack, Escape Artist, Vanish and a double jump and enjoy. Do not use Blink because it removes invisibility.

We hope this video helps, and good luck Guardian. If not, perhaps you'll enjoy creating the ultimate Gunslinger.

Now that you know how to take advantage of this class, it’s time to beat the King’s Fall Raid. We’ll take you through the entire Raid, starting with the Court of Oryx and then moving on to the Tomb Ships, Totems and the fight against the Warpriest, eventually concluding with the epic fight against The Taken King!

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