Destiny: Warlock Voidwalker Subclass Perks Guide for PVP and PVE

Build the best Voidwalker for any situation. 

This Guide is going to tell you how to build the perfect Voidwalker for both PVP and PVE. We’ll tell you the best perks to choose, ones to avoid and grenades to carry.

When thinking about building a voidwalker, think carefully about what aremor you equip. Use exotic armor that compliment it, such as the Obsidian Mind, Nothing Manacles and Voidfang Vestments.  This subclass is pretty basic in terms of the perks and build we use, and is more or less the same for PvP and PvE. In fact, the only element we change is the grenades.

Voidwalker Abilities - Grenade

Vortex grenade is great for PvP games like Control, and also proves effective in PvE activities. The Scatter grenades, meanwhile, are great for quick kills. One grenade can take out a player in PvP but you have to be accurate. Also, these grenades are amazing when used with the Nothing Manacles. 

The last grenade, Axion Bolt, is fine on its own, but when combined with the Voidfang Vestments it becomes a viable option. These grenades are great for making enemies run or finding these Guardians hiding around corners. Ultimately, we switch up our grenades a lot with this subclass depending on our mood and the game type. 

Voidwalker Abilities - Jump 

Next are the different jump options. There are two floating jumps ideal for PvE, and the last jump, Blink, is really good for PvP.

Voidwalker Abilities - Nova Bomb 

The perk we prefer for our Super is Vortex, where enemies trapped inside of your vortex take damage. We use this for PvP and PvE. 

The other viable option is to use Shatter, which splits the Nova Bomb into three. This perk is really good for PvP because it adds a little extra insurance to your Nova Bomb. 

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Voidwalker Melee

Now for the different melees. We use Life Steal because it grants health. Any melee that gives you an over shield or health is highly recommended.

Additional Ability Perk 1 

For the next set of perks, we go with Annihilate, which increases the size of an explosion created by the Nova Bomb and grenades. The other perks in this tree are not that great, so this is the only option.

Additional Ability Perk 2  

In the last column we use Vortex Mastery. This perks increases the range of Axion Bolts following enemies, as well as the duration of Vortex grenades and the vortex created by the Nova Bomb. Embrace The Void is a viable option, but if you use this perk, combine it with The Hunger from the previous perk tree. This kind of build is all about getting health back and charging your grenades. 

As for stat selectors, pick whatever is favorable to you. We tend to prefer agility for PVP, and Armor for PVE. 

There are plenty of cool exotic weapons in Destiny and we’ll tell you how to use these guns. Perhaps you favor the SUROS Regime, or maybe you’re more of a Monte Carlo player. On second thought, the Bad JuJu might be the perfect fit. Time to equip one of these bad boys, take aim and increase your body count.