Destiny Suros Regime Exotic Review & Build Guide

Surely you can’t be SUROS.

For many Destiny Day One veterans, the SUROS Regime is but a shadow of its former self. It wreaked havoc in the Crucible in Year One, and was many players’ go-to exotic. Since multiple nerfs and patches forced SUROS Regime and all auto rifles in general out of the game’s meta, it is often overlooked as a weapon of choice.

Well, this gun has been stripped back to its bare bones and rebuilt, re-skinned and redesigned by Bungie, and man oh man, it is beautiful.

You can obtain the SUROS Regime through the Exotic Blueprints Kiosk (if you have it unlocked and available), end-game activities (Nightfalls, Raids, Trials of Osiris), Three of Coins drops (exotic primary engrams) and Xur.

Base Stat Analysis

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Rate of Fire

The SUROS Regime’s Rate of Fire comes in at a lowly 77. This puts it in the slow firing Auto Rifle archetype. There’s not much more to say. If this rather sluggish fire rate bothers you, fear not! SUROS weapons love giving you choices; you can select the Spinning Up perk instead of the Focused Fire perk to give you a Thunderlord-esque Rate of Fire increase.


Typical of its slow firing archetype, SUROS Regime has the joint highest Impact of any Year Two Legendary or Exotic Auto Rifle. This thing hits ridiculously hard! Its perks only increase the Regime’s stopping power.


At a mere 28, you won’t hit long shots with this weapon. It sits firmly in the middle of the auto rifles. As Bungie intended for Auto Rifles – it’s best in short to mid-range battles. For this reason we suggest pairing it with a decent Sniper Rifle so you aren’t left without a long-range option.


SUROS Regime has a Stability rating of 46. This is the same as the Zhalo Supercell. It’s not the easiest gun to control, however it doesn’t get too difficult. If you are experiencing difficulty maintaining accuracy with this weapon, make sure you are using the Focused Fire perk, since it can help you to land those precision shots when aiming down the sights.

Reload Speed

At 65, the SUROS Regime isn’t the quickest gun to get back into action with, but it’s certainly no slouch. There’s not much to say for this, except for the chronic re-loaders among you, we would advise that you try and hold off reloading until either you really need to, or your magazine is empty. This brings us nicely on to…

Magazine Size

The SUROS Regime has a magazine size of 33 bullets, more than enough to end a couple of Guardians in the Crucible or slay a small army of Thrall.

Perk Analysis

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Exotic Perk: Erm..

This is a tough one. The thing that makes the SUROS Regime an exotic is more the combination of perks available… so…

Muzzle Perks – Field Choke/Linear Compensator/Smart Drift Control

Field Choke will buff the Range and the already high Impact stat, with a slight penalty to Stability. Linear Compensator gives “more predictable” recoil with a boost to range and impact, but you get more of the “more predictable” recoil. Smart Drift control buffs Stability heavily, but will cost you some Range. It’s really a matter of personal preference.

Spinning Up/Focused Fire

Spinning Up will hurt your Range but increase your Stability (which makes sense because you’re going to engage enemies closer to you if you aren’t aiming down your sights). Focused Fire will do the opposite, buffing your Range stat but hurting the Stability of the weapon. We prefer Focused Fire to Spinning Up, because overall it gives you more control over your shooting, and that’s always a good thing. The extra damage pushes the damage values to around 1500 critical damage to low tier (red bar) enemies at close range.

SUROS Legacy

This perk is what makes the Regime reign supreme (try saying that after a drink or two) It will give you bonus damage on each bullet in the bottom half of the magazine (around 2300 critical shot damage to low tier enemies at close range) and also gives you the chance to return some health on a kill. This perk is amazing. It makes it a viable option in PvE, and a good option in PvP.

Hammer Forged/Lightweight

Hammer Forged gives you improved Range and Accuracy (we like this best), whereas Lightweight grants +2 character Agility when you are holding the Regime. To us, Lightweight seems a bit of a strange choice, though it could be useful in PvP. Hammer Forged pushes the boundary for the Range stat. We prefer this because it means that our bullets would hit those slightly out of reach targets a little harder.

The Last Word

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The SUROS Regime remains a viable option for PvE and PvP, but Auto Rifles are seriously lacking in stopping power, and aren’t appreciated enough in the Crucible for good reason. The gun is a lot of fun to use and is absolutely beautiful to look at and to hear. But those reasons alone aren’t enough to make it worth your exotic slot. Good for nostalgia and if you can get used to it, but not good enough for you to compromise on more relevant exotics.

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2 Engrams (out of 5)

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