Destiny – Understanding Armor, Perks And Stats

We break down three essential elements in Destiny to help you dominate the opposition.

Hello, Guardian! This video breaks down armor, perks and stats in Destiny.

First we’ll cover stats and what they mean. Intellect reduces the time it takes to charge your Super, Discipline reduces the time it takes to charge your grenade and Strength reduces the time it takes to charge up your melee. 

That being said, the next step involves figuring out what kind of player you are per character and what sub classes you like to use. For each subclass, different stats are more valuable than others. Personally we don’t use melee that much in PvP or PvE on our Titans, so the stats we try to max out are Intellect and Discipline. For our Warlocks, when using the Sunsinger subclass the Flame Shield is a lifesaver, so we value Strength. 

The beauty of this game is you can tailor your characters to your play style and compliment them with armor that suits your needs. Next, we’ll break down the various armors and the kinds of perks you’ll find in each piece.  

  • For helmets, you are going to find perks that speed up your Super Charge time in various ways, as well as what happens when you pick up an orb. 
  • Gauntlets have perks that increase reload speed on certain types of weapons and perks that increase melee attack speed or grenade throw distance. 
  • The chest pieces have a perk tree for you to select that increase the amount of ammo you can carry. You can select either an increase to a type of primary weapon or a type of special weapon. The other tree has perks for types of burn defense or increase armor for a particular subclass.
  • The boots have perks to increase ammo capacity for either a type special weapon or type of heavy weapon. The other perk you will find is an increase to agility after performing a certain feat. 
  • Class items have perks that increase leveling up of certain types of guns and increases to Crucible or Vanguard reputation earned. We believe the buff is 25 percent but it might be 20.
  • Artifacts only have perks for killing minions of the darkness in particular ways, so if you are a PvP player you’ll want to look at the stats.
  • Lastly, the Ghost perks have perks for earning Glimmer and finding materials. Again, if you are a PvP player you will want to look at the stats. 

Understanding the perks is helpful to your play style, and the way the stats system works will help you decide which armor you should level up and which armor to dismantle or infuse. We’re always on the lookout for gauntlets that have Intellect/Discipline and increase reload speed for the following: Hand Cannon, Scout Rifle, Pulse Rifle and Auto rifle. 

Vendors don’t always sell the most desirable gear with the best perks, so make sure you examine a low light level piece of armor before dismantling. Lastly, check out the selectable perks trees before dismantling gear. The perks on display when hovering over an armor piece are just the top perks in the tree. It took us about two weeks after The Taken King launched, for example, to figure out how to have an increased amount of rocket ammo we could carry. 

We hope this helps, Guardian. We’ll have more tips throughout the week. For now, we’ll show you how to dominate the Crucible map, Exodus Blue