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Reloading? What's that?

Bad Juju is an Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny wielded in the Primary Weapon slot. Back in Year One, Bad Juju was bad by name, bad by nature. It was the Necrochasm of Exotic Pulse Rifles. However, its Year Two version is another beast entirely.

In Year One, you could only obtain Bad Juju from the Exotic Bounty. This quest line is no longer available, so you have some options ahead of you to obtain this weapon. First of all, if you had the Year One version, the Year Two version is available for purchase from the Exotic Blueprints Kiosk in the Tower. Alternatively you can buy Primary Legacy Engrams from Xur and then upgrade via the kiosk. You can also play Year One content (Vault of Glass, Crota, Prison of Elders) to try and get lucky with a Bad Juju drop. It may also be possible to obtain Bad Juju from Year Two Primary Weapon Engrams. We’re not sure whether this Exotic is in Xur’s inventory pool.

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Base Stat Analysis

Rate of Fire

Bad Juju’s Rate of Fire sits at 73, putting it second overall for all Year Two Legendary and Exotic Pulse Rifles. It has the same fire rate as the SUROS PDX-45. This means you can fire off the next trio of bullets into your target faster than you can say “no time to explain”.


Bad Juju doesn’t pack much of a punch. It has an Impact rating of seven. This puts it joint bottom of all Year Two Legendary and Exotic Pulse Rifles. To give you an idea of what this means, the maximum impact of a Year Two Pulse Rifle is 30, over four times the amount of Bad Juju’s Impact!


At 33, Bad Juju sits in the middle of the road for Range. We never noticed an issue with damage drop-off with this weapon, however. If your target is so far away that you notice damage drop-off, you should either move in closer or pull out a Special Weapon or a Heavy Weapon.


Bad Juju has 62 Stability as standard. This is fairly good considering its fire rate! Granted, it’s no SUROS PDX-45, but it’s not going to jump around all over the place. Bad Juju’s Stability is equal to No Time to Explain’s.


At 65, Bad Juju’s Reload Speed isn’t half bad. However as you’ll soon find out, it’s not as relevant as you think it might be. 

Magazine Size

Bad Juju has a magazine size of 24. This means you can fire eight “pulses” before having to reload… or does it?

Perk Analysis

Exotic Perk: String Of Curses/Full Auto

Full Auto will be unlocked as soon as you receive the gun. Fairly straightforward with this – you can hold the trigger down to continue shooting the weapon. String of Curses is where things get interesting. Here’s what the flavor text has to say about it:

“After each kill, this weapon will reload instantly and increase damage for a short time. Kills will help charge your super.”

So, do you want Bad Juju yet? After killing any enemy, your magazine will be refilled out of thin air. This gun wants to be involved in battles. Better still, the ammo doesn’t come from your reserve… it just appears! Increased damage will help you kill the next enemy and so on. As well as refilling your magazine, kills will give you bonus super energy. Warlocks, take note. Use Obsidian Mind with this gun to have your Nova Bomb up super quick. Get it? SUPER quick. Anyway… moving swiftly on.

Ballistics Perks – Smooth Ballistics/Soft Ballistics/Smart Drift Control

Let’s narrow down our choices first of all. Smooth Ballistics is essentially Smart Drift Control’s little brother. Ignore it. So now we have Soft Ballistics and Smart Drift Control. Soft Ballistics gives increased stability while hurting the Impact of the gun. As we discussed before – Bad Juju’s Impact is already pretty weak, so our advice is to go with Smart Drift Control. It has a fairly significant penalty to the Range stat (-15), however it increases the stability a huge chunk, bringing it up to 82.

Hip Fire

This perk gives Bad Juju additional stability (accuracy) while firing from the hip. This means you’ll get less recoil when you don’t aim down the sights.

Stat Perks – Armor Piercing Rounds/Send It/Perfect Balance

Armor Piercing Rounds won’t be of much use. We recommend using either Send to increase the Range, or Perfect Balance to increase the Stability.

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Final Verdict

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Bad Juju is a great exotic weapon for PvE but its low impact makes it a fairly poor choice in PvP. Killing higher level (yellow bars/shielded) enemies might be tough, but for clearing low tier enemies, it’s one of the best.

Final Score: 3 out of 5 Engrams

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