How To Earn Legendary Marks In Destiny

The quickest way to earn over 320 Marks each week!

Hello Guardians, this guide is going to tell you everything you need to know about Legendary Marks in year two, as well as how to get the maximum amount possible per week!

Legendary Marks are the currency used to purchase gear in the Tower from the vendors, including Roni 55-30, Vanguard Leaders, the Cryptarch, and Faction leaders. Each vendor sells a unique set of armor, guns, ghosts and class items, and as you rank up with a specific vendor, you get more unlockables for purchase. Once you reach rank three with that vendor, all items will be available for purchase.

How To Get The Most Legendary Marks

So now for that info about 320 Legendary Marks a week! For starters, there is a daily Crucible playlist that rewards 15 marks whether you win or lose. There is also a daily story mission that rewards 15 marks for completing it. That’s 30 in one day! If you complete both of these each day, by the end of the week you can earn 210 marks. You can also earn 10 marks for each Heroic Strike completed in the Vanguard Playlist, but only rewards you three times, once per each character.  

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Then you have the weekly Crucible playlist. On weeks where there isn’t an event going on like Iron Banner, there is a special weekly Crucible play list such a Mayhem Clash or Rumble, Inferno Clash or Rumble, etc. In order to earn Marks in this play list you need to win the game. For each win you receive 10 marks and there is a 30-mark cap. All of these play lists that earn marks can be found in the bottom left of the map. 

Lastly, there is a way to earn 50 marks for completing Trials bounties during the weekend. If you complete all of this in the week you will net a total of 320 marks. This doesn’t include any Legendary items you might break down that give you three Marks and weapon or armor parts. 

What To Spend Legendary Marks On

You might think, “what am I going to spend all these marks on?” First, roam around the Tower and check out all of the vendor items. We have an awesome list of some of the best vendor rolls after the April Update. Once you have some of those, you can use Marks to buy engrams from the Cryptarch, looking for awesome rolls. We have been looking for the perfect 1000 Yard Stare, and the only way to get one with perks such as Unflinching or Hidden Hand is to decode one from Engrams. 

Also, we would be remiss to forget to warn you about the 200 Legendary Mark cap. You can only hold 200 at a time, so be careful when cashing in bounties so you don't lose any to the glimmer gods. 

Thanks for watching, Guardian. Now we’ll show you how to dominate the Crucible map, Vertigo.