How to Kill Grayris Baroness in Destiny: The Taken King

The easiest way to defeat Grayris in Destiny!

Hello Guardian! This video will show you how to take down Grayris, The Fallen Baroness that is now Taken. If you are looking for Grayris, that means you picked up the bounty from Petra at the Reef looking for some quick XP or a House of Wolves shader or ship. Luckily, this one is not that bad.   

Begin by heading down to Venus to the Shattered Coast. Once you load into patrol, turn right and it will be the first zone that comes up. You will probably have to kill time before the Taken event kicks off, so grab a patrol mission or farm for Spirit Blooms in the meantime. Once you see the prompt in the left corner that "Taken Forces are Corrupting the Area", it’s on. 

If you have never done one of these encounters before, they are pretty simple. Taken will spawn in three or four areas, and in one of those areas a yellow bar Taken Lieutenant will appear. These guys are the main objective, as the other enemies will continue spawning forever. 

In this case, you are looking for Tortured Captains, and they will pop up in three separate spots. Locate and take them down ASAP because you are working against the clock. Once all three Captains are down, you have a limited amount of time to kill the main boss, Grayris. If you don’t kill the Baroness in the time allowed, the Taken will disappear and you will have to wait for the event all over again.  

Grayris is pretty tough. You wont be able to go to toe to toe in a close up battle, since there will also be a load of other Taken nearby. We suggest sitting back at a distance and sniping Grayris, and possibly rushing with your super to find some more special ammo. Our favorite weapon for these fights is the Super Simulant, as it deals immense precision damage while keeping you out of harm's way. Also, pop a Three of Coins for these encounters because you have a chance to receive an Exotic Engram when the boss is defeated.  

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