Destiny 2 Now Has Amazon Alexa-Enabled Voice Commands

Use Alexa to make your Destiny 2 adventures a little more streamlined.

Bungie and Activision have announced they’re teaming up with Amazon to release a new Alexa voice app which adds in custom functionality that integrates directly with Destiny 2.

The ‘Destiny 2 Ghost’ Alex app, which can be downloaded here, adds in over 1,000 custom dialogue lines (all of which are voiced by Destiny 2’s Ghost voice actor Nolan North). Once the app is installed, players can use voice prompts such as “Alexa, ask Ghost…” or “Alexa, tell Ghost…” to perform a variety of both ancillary and in-game functions, including:

  • Asking lore-related questions.
  • Get a suggestion for the new in-game activity they pursue.
  • See which of their clanmates are online.
  • Save and equip up to four separate loadouts while the player is in orbit or in a social space.

That last feature is likely to be the most eye-catching, especially for more dedicated players who enjoy having separate gear loadouts for activities like raiding, Crucible PvP, Nightfall Strikes, and more. With the Alexa functionality, quickly swapping between different gear sets can be as simple as uttering a phrase.

For players who really want to immerse themselves in the Destiny 2 Alexa voice command functionality, Amazon is also offering a special Ghost wi-fi speaker which can be paired to an existing Alexa device like an Echo or an Echo Dot. The Ghost speaker can be pre-ordered now for $89.99 and is expected to start shipping on December 19.