Destiny 2 Will Get Masterwork Weapons In December 12 Update

Random weapon rolls will return.

In a lengthy blog post outlining how it plans to improve Destiny 2 over the course of December and beyond, Bungie detailed a new feature which will likely prove to be a hit for fans who have been missing the more fluid nature of weapon stats from the original Destiny: Masterwork weapons.

Masterwork weapons, which will be included in an update that’s set to launch on December 12, will basically be slightly enhanced versions of existing Legendary tier weapons. However, Masterwork weapons will come equipped with a few extra bells and whistles including kill counters (which can be toggled to only count Crucible kills or all kills), random stat bonuses (which can be re-rolled), and the ability to generate orbs whenever the player wielding them scores a multi-kill. Best of all, unwanted Masterwork weapons can be dismantled into crafting components which can be used to upgrade existing Legendary weapons into Masterwork versions.

According to the blog post, Masterwork weapons will have a chance of dropping from any endgame activity that would normally drop Legendary weapons as rewards and which have a recommended power level of at least 250. Activities like Raids and Trials of the Nine will have an especially high chance of dropping Masterwork weapons.

Be sure to read through the blog post to see everything that’s coming in both tomorrow’s update and the December 12 update.